Insurance debacal

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Insurance debacal

A guest burnt my dining table by placing a hot saucepan on it.  I contacted Airbnb as when I signed up the stated that hosts are insured or words to this effect.  Having tried tomake a claim re the table - I am now being told that I have to ask the guest for  the money to cover the cost of the table -the damage is irreparable.  What is the poinot of the insurance?






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@Carmen802 The first step is to ask the guest to pay for the damage. If they refuse to do so, you can make a claim through the Host Guarantee. See for all the details on the steps you need to take.


It's also important that you have your own insurance for this type of situation. Airbnb doesn't have a true security deposit, so they may refuse to pay your claim. Make sure you have backup if that happens.

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