Listing different rooms for one house

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Listing different rooms for one house

hello there


I have been having trouble getting around how Air bnb works. I had started chatting to an agent online but we got disconnected. the issue is i have a house that i listed with the 4 bedrooms and all the information needed including the pricing. the problem is that guests seem to think that the pricing is for the whole house and not pricing per room. the agent suggested that i should add each room as a listing. I wanted to find out how i go about this while still having them under the main listing of the house or is it even possible?


Thank you to those who will assist. 


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(1) create the whole house listing which you have done already

(2) create one bedroom listing 

(3) duplicate the one bedroom listing created above and make appropriate changes

(4) do step 3 for other two rooms and make appropriate changes 

(5) use the entire house as the parent and link individual rooms listings to the entire house listing.


If you have questions about how to link calendars of listings, do a search to find out.


I have a three bedroom house listing and three individual room listings. It works pretty well.



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