Owner occupied property in Las Vegas?

Henderson, NV
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Hi guys,


Thank you for having me. I'm new to this forum, but I need to ask some specific questions about the laws and regulations in Las Vegas as far as hosting. 


I just purchased a home in Las Vegas last year in November and I am considering using it for Airbnb, but I'm not sure what exactly the city means when they talk about owner occupied properties. From the articles I've read, it seems like all short-term rentals have been banned. However,  I'm hearing about people who were still able to obtain a license because it was an owner occupied residence. Also, I believe it may be within city limits. 


I've tried calling the city, but I've received mixed answers.  Some representatives say no, some say possibly. I live in the home now, and I plan on staying here for quite some time. There is no HOA. 


Can any one please provide some clarity?  Thank you in advance! 

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