Refund when host cancels

Nashville, TN
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I have tried to book three AirBNB and have had all three say they cannot rent to me.  The first canceled and I was not charged.  The last two told me that I had to cancel.  I was still charged almost $600 for two rentals and received messages that I would have to pay the service/cancellation fee.  The hosts cancelled on me due to COVID and Governors orders

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Re: Refund when host cancels

Sayulita, Mexico
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@Crystal322  Why are you trying to book a place in the midst of a pandemic when there are isolation orders almost everywhere? And why are you, what it seems like, using Instant Book at a time like this? (The hosts should turn off their Instant Book option- I don't know why they haven't done this)  If you have a legitimate reason for booking an Airbnb, you should send the host an Inquiry first to make sure they can accomodate you before booking.  Then there will be no money taken from you and nothing to cancel.

Re: Refund when host cancels

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London, United Kingdom
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Hi @Crystal322, I was also wondering if you've contacted Airbnb already? If not, please do so on or see the community guide on how to contact Airbnb

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