Very poor guest experience

San Diego, CA
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 I have a 20-30s something male guest with his Aussiedoodle staying in my home 1 month

 He has failed to take off his shoes ever.

 I have had to remind him 4 times to keep his dog leashed in the house for it and the permanent furry residents safety.

  He left his dog here & went out at night against our discussed house rules( the dog has separation anxiety). When I got home the dog and clawed at the walls and door until it opened the door because the guest had stacked bags on the door knob to keep the dog from scratching the door...., then busted down the pet gate & met me at the front door growling. It took the guest over an hour to return home.

 During this time I got the dog leashed & attempted to return it to the room This was my first time seeing the room since he had taken possession almost 2 weeks ago. IT SMELLS TERRIBLE. There are food and water containers everywhere. 


 That was 2 days ago. I have provided clear directions to the trash receptacles in the kitchen as well as outside, trash bags and asked for no open food or other waste to be left in the room... and still no response to cleaning up the room. 

Last night he again had the dog unleashed in the main house.. with a lackadaisical response to my concern


 Can I ask him to leave?

 What are my options?

 Aside from his messiness and stinkiness possibly bringing bugs into my my home

 The unleashed dog int he main house because he 'forgets' each time, can possibly lead to major issues or injury among the pets in residence. 

 He was supposed to come with his own dog crate, did not, and still has not purchased one.


 I am keeping myself and my pets prisoner in my room because I cant trust this person to remember to not let his dog into the main house with no leash.


 I am ready for him to leave.




 Thank you, 



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Re: Very poor guest experience

Bristol, United Kingdom
Level 10

hello @Dawn320 


I am not sure why you let the guest check in when he didn't bring a crate for his dog as you requested.


Hopefully you have followed up all conversations regarding his breaking of house rules on Airbnb messaging so there is a record.


In your situation as the guest has repeatedly broken house rules,  I would ask Airbnb to cancel the booking and put in a claim for damages. Explain he has repeatedly broken your house rules including allowing his pet unleashed in the main property meaning your own pets cannot be let out of your room.


You might want to rethink allowing guests to bring pets into your shared space as you have your own pets.


If you don't allow guests food and drink in their room, you should also ask him to store these in the kitchen.



Re: Very poor guest experience

New York, NY
Level 5


Wow! Sorry you are having this type of experience. 


Review the link below to find out what to do when you are uncomfortable with a guest.

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