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I've been trying to get Airbnb Support Team help for more than 8 weeks on this issue.... are other hosts finding this same bug? I am using a property management system that feeds to Airbnb via MyAllocator. The information is correct on MyAllocator but every night (sometime around 6pm PST but I can't tell when exactly), my occupied rooms all show up as available on my AirBnb calendar. I've had to turn off "Instant Book" because prospective guests would book based on incorrect availability (and be understandably upset when I had to say no!) And it is still happening every night. The Support Team says they've sent it to their "special" team but I have had no update or feedback... and the problem continues each night. Suggestions?

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Hello @Heather726,


Lovely to meet you. My name is Lizzie and I am a Community Manager here. 


Sorry to hear you are experiencing this, I bet this was a little worrying to discover. It sounds like a funny syncing issue, as it happens at the same time of day, each day. Have you found that it does this on all browsers? Also, have you contacted MyAllocator to see if they have heard of similar issues? 


Hopefully this can be sorted soon.






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