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    Hello, I hope someone will see this and be able to respond shortly as it is a rather urgent matter. In early January, an international guest reserved my Airbnb suite for a week starting June 17. So, she reserved 6 months ago. I accepted her request at the... Latest reply by Kate157
    It seems they have gone to a huge amount of effort to ensure they they do not have to interface with customers. I am a host with a problem and could really do with speaking to someone at Airbnb about it. Can anyone suggest a way to speak to a human? Latest reply by George186
    Hi there, I do not seem to have been paid for the guests who arrived in relation to the above invoice, however when I check in my invoice status account, it states that the amount has been settled. Can you check please as I have nothing in my bank accou... Latest reply by Linda108
    Requesting anyone allowing extra guests ( baby's in fact ) most put up as reservation as 2 adults even though in booking states 2 plus child what you say pls help advice ! **[Title Updated] Latest reply by Lizzie
    Hello, I have listed my apartment couple a weeks ago, however I have not had one single view, and if I try to look for my own apartment, it doesn't show up in the search window. I don´t know how to make my listing visible, I have checked the calender an... Latest reply by Linda108


    Hi everyone!I have one account on AIRBNB for mine as well as my sisters apartments so I can easily work from app on my smatphone. I would like to add my VAT number for my apartments and her VAT for hers (something similar to payment methods) so I can norm...