how can i change the name of my listing?

how can i change the name of my listing?

i spelled a word wrong 😕 how can i edit the listing name?

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Auckland, NZ

you just need to click on your listing and scroll down to see "Title & description" headline and then click on the button menu. 

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Scottsdale, AZ

Here you go:

Use this URL, but stick your property number in this bold space.


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Arkansas, United States

Has air bnb changed website format? I can't find this fill in your property number?


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Turks Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands

Thank you , it was very helpful

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Barcelona, Spain

Just giving my two cents... I Had the same problem I was trying to change the listing mane, over and over and it still showing the same it was kinda frustrating I even called Airbnb Support, no solution. 


I fixed with the next procedure.  If you are using google chrome you only need to delete the browsing data. (be aware that all your autofill will be lost and Airbnb website will ask you again for permission) 

But once its done everything works perfect and the listing name will be updated as it supposes to. (you can do the same in other browsers like Firefox, Safari etc... )

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 14.14.36.png


Hope to have helped you with this approach to troubleshoot the not updating listing names 

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Los Angeles, CA

A few weeks ago I changed my listing title and since then have had no new bookings.  I want to change it back but can't figure out how.  I can change everything else but not the title.

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Athens, Greece

First Click on your listing, and then on the top menu click  on the listing detail and finally  click on Title & description.  

I have the same problem. I click on edit title but it does not save it. Why Airbnb has to be so complicated?

@Carrielane0     Edit Listing,     Dropdown box on the left,     Description     Then on the right you can change Listing Name.

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Ghent, Belgium

Does anyone know if there's a limit to changing the name of the listing.  

I ve tried changing it again and it doesn't work anymore ...


Greets, Bert

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