room not booked? i got a refund by paypal

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Bologna, Italy

room not booked? i got a refund by paypal

Hi i have booked a room with paypal, but i got a refund, and i don't understand why. The room is still available, so it is not booked. I payed with paypal, i trywed multiple times: with the bank account, with a credit card, but none works.


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@Massimo270 for something like this you need to contact Airbnb directly.

(This is just a discussion room for guests and hosts to chat with each other.)


On your Help page, near the bottom right is a "Contact us" button.
Or you can use this link:

Once you are on the "Contact us" page, choose "Its something else"

This will give you the choice to either exchange messages with AirBnB or to speak to someone on the phone.
(Using the "Contact us" by phone gives you the option to have them call you, so you don't have to wait on hold.)

If you don't mind waiting on the phone:

Italy / Italia: +39 06 99366533