Guests should have star ratings on their public profile just like Hosts have to

Moriches, NY
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Currently only a Hosts profile page will show how many average stars that person receives.

And even tho we give star ratings to guests regarding communication and cleanliness, it does not show on their profile page.

So then whats the point?

A phone rep told me "yea the star ratings for guests dont mean anything. you can skip that part".

I recommend guests have public star ratings too.

Response from Airbnb

Reviews are central to Airbnb, and we appreciate the desire to have reviews provide value to both hosts and guests. We are not planning to create a publicly visible Star Rating on the guest profile at this time. Later this year we are planning to look into improving profiles. The ways reviews are represented on profiles will be considered as part of this project. But at this time we are not able to commit to making changes to how Star Ratings are displayed on guest profiles.

Reviews from previous hosts can be leveraged best depending on how you host. If you are hosting with Instant Book, you can use a host control setting to ensure you only receive bookings from guests that have positive reviews. If you are not using Instant Book, then you can read the reviews left by hosts directly on the guest’s profile page.


Follow up from Airbnb - May 26th, 2017

We plan to look into this idea starting in July or August 2017. Thanks for your patience as we balance this with other improvements we’re making to Airbnb.

Cork, IE
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Does anyone believe that these comments are ever read by the Airbnb administration?


having read and agreed with the sentiments in this thread, and noted the lack of response or action from the company, it seems to me that this 'community space' is just a very clever way of allowing the hosts to blow off steam without necessitating any further action. 




San Diego, CA
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Yes, I agree, we need to be able to see the guests' star ratings, and the number of thumbs up or down.

It is often easier to check a 2 star rating than to actually write something about your guest.

Please let us see the star ratings of guests; they can see ours, so it should be mutual.


Morzine, France
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@Jude0 Yes I totally agree with you! Please Airbnb take note of Jude's suggestions for guest ratings!

Administrator in
Status changed to: Under Consideration

The status of this Idea has been changed to Under Consideration. The Ideas in Host Voice with the most Thumbs Up are reviewed closely by the Airbnb product team. The status of this Idea will be updated according to this discussion. We appreciate your patience as we try to thoughtfully listen and respond to this Idea.

Cupertino, CA
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I completely agree that guests should have star ratings.  I would also like to have a longer review period.  When you have an issue with your guests it takes longer to rate the guest than two weeks.  If the link expires you don't get to give them a thumbs down.

Auckland, New Zealand
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Can't agree with this MORE!  If guests are judging me by my star rating, then I should be able to judge them the same way. After all, I am letting them into MY home! 

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Uber model, not perfect but way better than this model. It makes people more responsible and also there would be less opportunity for guests to blackmail hosts, by saying give me a full refund or I'll give you a bad review.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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It would be interesting if we could see ratings for the guests in the following categories:


Manners: e.g. - Polite, friendly, arrogant, easy-going, etc

Respect for Host Rules


Southampton, United Kingdom
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I have exactly the same problem. My guests had 2 previous reviews. one of them just saying friendly nice guy and the other very similar. What am I supposed to take from that? I assumed if he was a nice guy he would treat the apartment with respect! How wrong I was. Food trodden into the carpet, smoking was obvious as there was a cigarette burn in the carpet, smoke alarm covered with a plastic bag, plus other 'clues'. Are people afraid to say what they were really like? 

In future with such a short review, I will have to take it as a beware.I reported him, he is still on airbnb, and despite my honest account, people still allow him to stay!!!

it would be good to have a star system for guests too. It would certainly have helped me.

Jacksonville, FL
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I completely agree!

So hosts (and guests) have a hard time to be honest in a review, because they don't want to hurt the others feeling, or maybe it was their "off" day. I feel like star ratings are more truthful. I look at the star ratings of a place before I read any review.

If only it was the same  for guests!

It would make it so much easier.