Guests should have star ratings on their public profile just like Hosts have to

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Currently only a Hosts profile page will show how many average stars that person receives.

And even tho we give star ratings to guests regarding communication and cleanliness, it does not show on their profile page.

So then whats the point?

A phone rep told me "yea the star ratings for guests dont mean anything. you can skip that part".

I recommend guests have public star ratings too.

Response from Airbnb

Reviews are central to Airbnb, and we appreciate the desire to have reviews provide value to both hosts and guests. We are not planning to create a publicly visible Star Rating on the guest profile at this time. Later this year we are planning to look into improving profiles. The ways reviews are represented on profiles will be considered as part of this project. But at this time we are not able to commit to making changes to how Star Ratings are displayed on guest profiles.

Reviews from previous hosts can be leveraged best depending on how you host. If you are hosting with Instant Book, you can use a host control setting to ensure you only receive bookings from guests that have positive reviews. If you are not using Instant Book, then you can read the reviews left by hosts directly on the guest’s profile page.


Follow up from Airbnb - May 26th, 2017

We plan to look into this idea starting in July or August 2017. Thanks for your patience as we balance this with other improvements we’re making to Airbnb.

Michelle189 in
Cork, Ireland
Level 2

This would be particularly useful when I get a request from people who arrive very late because the "GPS didn't work" or who "got caught by traffic" and so on . Of course, their phone never works and they couldn't find wifi anywhere to let me know about the delay!


I've more than once suspected that these guests ignore any pre-arranged check-in times - it would be good to have advance warning by noting their stars from previous hosts.



Mary-Ann0 in
Sun City, AZ
Level 10

Yes, this would give guests incentive to try to be great guests rather than just consumers wanting a good deal.  I think it would make them stop and think what they are doing.  Right now I think a lot (not all) but some guests arrive with an attitude.   A public star system for guests would cause them to act more like REAL "guests" visiting a friend or relative's home, not just people taking a room somewhere like getting a hotel room. And I think they would pay better attention to the house rules, details in the listing and try to be considerate at check-in time; they would know better what to expect then too and have less disappointment.


So in the long run all involved would be on better behavior and try hard to please - right now only hosts are held to a high standard - guests are not plus so many hosts are afraid to give accurate reviews and I think that is a shame.

Larisa4 in
Washington, DC
Level 8

Agree.  Guests have no metrics on what to improve.

Josipa2 in
Zagreb, Croatia
Level 2

Absolutely! The rating stars should appear on the guests profile, how else are they gonna learn to be better guests if our rating for them doesn't matter? Why would they behave correctly? 

Tom-and-Lisa0 in
Kalispell, MT
Level 10

Completely agree.  I suspect however, that AirBnb will be reluctant to make the change, as it might cut into their activity and ultimately the profits.

Nancy67 in
Charleston, SC
Level 10

I get booked by a lot of younger people-- many first time Airbnb's. They are quite frankly the bain of what I do here. Many are so entitled, and some have come in with attitude and assume I am a doddering old servant woman with no real world expereince-- ha, if they only knew.


We always try to educate them gently, in a matter-of-fact sort of way, (okay, we are really scaring them just a bit) as they are having coffee the first morning after check in,  We get the on the subject by asking them how they came to use Airbnb and how the first experience is going?-- (as I hand them off another house made muffin.) Then, we throw off the cuff casually, "did you know we as hosts have the opportunity to review you as a guest?" ---like we are letting them on to an inside secret--  Most have no idea.

I tell them, that a few hours after check out, they will start getting unrelenting emails and mobil texts to review me as a host, and that our reviews will cross blind...I tell them its important to be a 5-star guest because many hosts are not as leniant and  will not host guests who have not been previously reviewed, or have less than great communication, cleanliness and house rules scores. I gently lean in and say, "Essentially, you are building an Airbnb resume, more coffee, dear?"

I oft see the look in their eyes when they get this information, and they always scoot back to the space,-- probably to tidy up a bit,  before going out for the day, ha.


Is it mean and manipulative? Probably, but I can tell you, this is my doddering old lady, host- way of getting one over on the youngers. Give it a whirl, freaking them out a little brings us a good chuckle for the morning, and hopefully makes the stay a little nicer, cleaner and freindlier  for everyone.


Mary-Ann0 in
Sun City, AZ
Level 10

It's not mean @Nancy67,

you are giving a gift of knowledge and best advice they could get if they want to use Airbnb in the future.  Hopefully it will stay inside their heads to be thought about in the future when they are not so much into their phones.


Thank you for doing your part to make hosting better and a little easier.

Jude7 in
Rhinebeck, NY
Level 10

I would like to know, and see ratings, for my guests in the following categories:


Check- In

Respect for Host Rules


Accuracy of Guest Profile



Michelle189 in
Cork, Ireland
Level 2

@Jude0 totally agree


@Nancy67 I love it! I'm going to take a leaf from your approach ...

Ana-and-David0 in
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Level 7

I had recently a guest with 2 good reviews at his time of booking, but when he left my place, he trashed it and smoked inside. I had to pay big bucks to get it cleaned out, and still havent gotten my money back from the resolution center. I reported his profile to Airbnb, and then a saw a new review in his profile from a previous host, they did to them the same that they did in my place. Their profile still up ... who knows how many more host will have to deal with this guest damages since airbnb still has them as active guest.

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