Suggestion for better relations between Airbnb and hosts

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these days, quite a few hosts are disgruntled about the "treatment" they receive from Airbnb, and the feeling is that guests are paid much more attention to than hosts.


How about this fix: send out a monthly email newsletter to hosts, highlighting the changes newly implemented into the Airbnb platform, address some hot topics, add a few suggestions, keep us in the loop!


An email would catch anybody's attention easily. Alerting hosts to changes would also do a lot to cut down on complaints and unnecessary reaching out to Airbnb by some hosts.  

see it as a win-win situation for Airbnb and hosts alike. 



Linda108 in
La Quinta, CA
Level 10

@Annette33  I like your initiative to consider what would improve the relationship between hosts and Air BNB.  Communication is definitely at the top.  Corporate Newsletters, in my experience, quickly become a marketing device of the corporation and the information can be outdated by the time it is published.  Still hosts need to be advised of changes and the potential impact on their businesses.  Something like a "bulletin board" might allow a timely publishing.  Thanks for bringing this to the Host Voice.

Cathy65 in
Bloomington, IN
Level 10

We need more than "top-down" communication. Airbnb needs to really, sincerely and mindfully LISTEN and factor our concerns into policy decisions. 

Mary-Ann0 in
Sun City, AZ
Level 10

I gave a thumbs up to this but I think realistically that nothing is going to happen.  They are a corporation and only care about their bottom line and how to make it grow.  And the reality is that guests make more money for them.  Guests are their darling pampered pets and hosts are their true work oxen.  


They have so many hosts now that a few (or more) disgruntled ones don't really matter to them.


My suggestion is to use all the bells and whistles that you can to make you listing work for you in the best way it can and then use other websites to try and get more guests.


I just listed with VRBO and immediately got a long term booking plus a security deposit too.  They have some good points and bad points also and the wait time on the phone for "help" was just as long and the site is even harder to use in my opinion.  Also their fees are higher to hosts I think.


I tried to sync the calendars but that didn't work for me. 



Cory7 in
Eagle Lake, Canada
Level 2

I have had several dealings with the Airbnb staff.  They have always been helpful and resolved things to my satisfaction.  Admittedly as a superhost the help line is great for us.  It is too difficult to reach them otherwise.  I have never waited more than 3 minutes on the superhost line.  I would like an email address that is easy to access.  Other than the Airbnb has treated me very well as both a host and traveller.

Mary-and-Jeff1 in
San Diego, CA
Level 3

I agree with a monthly newletter - However, I DO NOT WANT a fluffy, sales news letter - I was Up-dates to web site, changes to bookings, truly what is happening nuts and bolts that will effect myself and my guests.


Airbnb could also use it as a tool to let us see their side of decisions and why they made them.  Sometimes as hosts it is difficult to see both sides of a coin.  Airbnb could use this as a way to truly communicate with us.  BUT PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not make it a slick marketing warm and fuzzy letter - Give us the scoop in a business like way!

Annette33 in
Prescott, AZ
Level 10

@Mary-and-Jeff1, absolutely! No fluff, true communication is needed - and would be much appreciated.


Helen56 in
San Diego, CA
Level 10

Yes, excellent idea, an email with facts not fluff.

If an email had been sent for September it could have included:

We are changing 'no children under 12' to 'may not be suitable....' to your house rules.

We are removing the great easy to see photo display panel, and letting guests play hunt the photo button.


It would be wonderful if Airbnb could please keep us all in the loop about changes before they happen.

Renata-and-Colin0 in
Paraty, Brazil
Level 7

Agree, would be really nice to be properly informed of all these changes. When I started with Airbnb their fee to the guests was 6%. Now it is what? Between 10 and 15%? Found this out from the guests, not from Airbnb.

Annette33 in
Prescott, AZ
Level 10

@Renata-and-Colin0, I think the amount Airbnb charges to the guests varies from case to case: it depends if Airbnb also collects the lodgers tax, as they do in some communities, or not. If not, then as before, it is left up to the host to submit it, it all depends on local laws.

Administrator in
San Francisco, CA
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