Better Metrics on Stats Tab

Toronto, CA
Level 1

It would be great to see more options on the stats tab. For example, Totals for 'Gross Earnings', monthly and yearly averages and historical data for monthly earnings.

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Re: Better Metrics on Stats Tab

Portland, OR
Level 2

It would be helpful to provide in the Stats how many additional 5-Star Reviews are necessary (based on where you are currently at) to reach the 80% Requirement, as a way to know where you stand and how far you need to go. 

Re: Better Metrics on Stats Tab

Athens, Greece
Level 10
Stats would be great if they could provide even the basic functionality. What you guys are asking is great, and we could enrich them with even more data but, airbnb's stats are fundamentally f***ked up. Even the number of requests differs from desktop to mobile app.
The whole thing needs revision.
Airbnb please fix it
Also let us enter a Google analytics code on our listings, satisfy our geek needs:)

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