Cat allergy

Cat allergy

I am Hosting a guest in 11 months for 3 weeks. The Guest informed me that her husband is severely allergic to cats. We are hosting a Guest with a cat 2 months prior to their arrival and have informed the Guest of that. They proceeded with the booking anyway. Now I  worried that even with our usual, meticulous cleaning, the Guest’s husband may still become ill. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions of what to do? Can I rescind the booking due to health concerns for the Guest? Should I have them sign a waiver? 

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@Maria17112  do you normally take cats? How long will they be there with the cat? I was most curious how and why you wrote the guests about a cat staying there.  Unless you  are usually a cat friendly place. If so, I would not accept/book anyone with an announced cat allergy in the party of guests. I'll look at your listing.... haven't had time. 

Keep us posted 

I’m sorry I have no helpful feedback , but I do have guest inquiries quiet often wanting to bring cats and often decline because I’m worried if I’d be able to clean it good enough for the next guest that potentially has allergies.


Can you let me know if you do go ahead and host the guy if the next guest has issues? Is there another room in your house that’s say off limits to guests that the cat could stay in? That might be option. You could message guest with cat and tell them you had a guest with severe allergies coming after and would they be opposed to keeping the cat in a separate room? Then that would help with future cat guests too if it’s an option.  I also worry about cat pee.  😕 

I would never host a cat. Cat allergies can be severe and the cause of the allergies lingers  long after the cat leaves. Cat pee is an issue also. The litter box smell is likely to linger on to the next guest's stay. And if the cat goes outside the litter box, you have an even   bigger problem: That smell can be hard to get out if it has seeped into wood, carpet, or walls (long-term cat pee damage required replacing wood floors for two of my friends). Even if people say their cats have never had issues, traveling is hard on pets and they behave differently when not at home.





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I don't allow pets for a few reasons, one being pets require alot more cleaning.  Another is allergies of future guests. Then there the potential for pet damage, urine, scratching. I also don't trust people to take reasonable care of them.  If they are running loose in the house, what might happen? Will they allow them on furniture? What if they get loose outside?

You will need to really deep clean between the cat and the allergic guy.