Charging guests for damaged sheets & towels.

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Charging guests for damaged sheets & towels.

Hello! We have previously had guests stay from 1-3 nights and havnt had to change bedsheets and towels. We have a guest staying for 7 days and we would like to know when we should be changing them?  Thanks

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Hello, I do a weekly change for people staying longer than a week. In the interest of the earth, I would suggest this is plenty. It also has the added benefit of allowing you to check on your place weekly. Agree with Robin - is there damage?
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I am slightly confused by your post Hanna! This is the initial post in this thread and your post heading says... 'Charging guests for damaged sheets & towels' but your text revolves around how often should linens be changed!

Is there some problem here you have not alluded to as yet?



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@Hanna34  Hi,

It's your call as to what you want to do. In a hot and humid climate it's advisable to offer more sheets and towels, but if that's not the case, and at your friendly nightly rate for a whole studio I would certainly leave an extra set of towels for each guest. With normal weather I'd find a change in bedding during a week on the extreme side. Leaving too much bedding and towels for booked guests can lead to what other hosts have noticed in independent units - namely that it makes it easier for guests to smuggle in extra people to stay, or they actually used every single last item and some to clean shoes or floors with.


You can try things out and tell them to notify you if they need you to come and deposit more during their stay. Coming and depositing would allow you to quickly eyeball the space for irregularities. Although you don't give them a free-for-all cupboard up for grabs, your offer does indicates you offering the extra service.

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@Hanna34 I would advice you to always keep a minimum of 7 sheets and towels on your property as some people like changing sheets and towels daily. Sometimes small details like this can have a big impact on the review that the guest will leave on your page. Good luck!!!

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