Deeply frustrated with the support

São Paulo, Brazil
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Deeply frustrated with the airbnb service!

We are drifting, without any help from the airbnb. 

I use the support chanel today,  once again,  in the attempt so far frustrated to receive from my guest, THAT AGREED TO PAY, the amount due for the damage it caused to my apartment.

This is the list:

We request money from a host, Caroline , for damages. 

Caroline has rented my apartment several times through the list in my wife's name ( 

Caroline is a regular, and she rents the apartment for employees of the company where she works.

This time we've had problems . Caroline is aware of the problem and want to pay for the damage caused. However the airbnb did not allow the payment. 

We did everything by the book, we request money through airbnb, we sent all the necessary documentation, such as proof of payment of expenses, notes, budget, photos and more. 


We are having a problem with the assistance of a specialist named Simon, who does not seem to have the competence to solve the case.

Mr. Simon doesn't seem to open the annexes and insisted on asking for the same documents already sent. At last he seems to have cancelled the case because my guest wants to pay and is unable to do so. 

My guest even sends me a print screen from the computer screen with the airbnb messages. WHEN SHE TRIED TO MAKE THE PAYMENT SHE RECEIVED A MESSAGE THAT THEY WOULD REVIEW HER ACCOUNT AND CONTACT HER. THAT HAPPENED THREE DAYS AGO!


The CASE NUMBER is resolution center 10210825 host guarantee. 
Please need urgent help. My guest wants to pay and cannot. I believe they have blocked the guest's account. This support is very poor so far.

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Re: Deeply frustrated with the support

San Diego, CA
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It is usually easier and faster to call Airbnb support for help. Here are your local numbers 🙂



+55 21 3958-5800

+0800 878 7918 (toll-free)

Re: Deeply frustrated with the support

Bristol, United Kingdom
Level 10

It sounds as if it would be easier if you just get guest to pay you directly?


The problem is you have been taking third party bookings, rather than asking the guest setting up an Aibnb business partner account, which meant you could have dealt with her in the event of damage by one of the employees.


As you have found accepting third party bookings against Airbnb's terms means  you aren't guaranteed help when things go wrong.

Re: Deeply frustrated with the support

United States
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I’m with you! The Airbnb epresentatives online are just scripted and useless

Re: Deeply frustrated with the support

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Level 10


Things are complicated:

Does "Caroline" own an Airbnb business account (obliged to book for employees), or is she making third party bookings with her personal account (which is against Airbnb terms) ?


So if no business account  i can understand  Airbnb wants to review her account. As @Helen3 allready mentioned: problems will arise with illegal third party reservations.


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