How do I report a bug on the page?

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I keep track of all the ratings on the page for the past 425+ guests I've had. Under the "Ratings", typically it writes the category  like "Cleanliness" followed by the star rating. When you expand each category, you can see your "Great work! Your last <XX> <CATEGORY> ratings were each 5 stars." So far, it has been accurate and it's great to see when XX is a high number. Unforunately, it looks like there's a bug becuase now it's capped at 50. I know it's a bug becuase the last 140+ ratings for a particular category was always a rating of 5. I even confirmed it with the Customer Support. Given all of this, is this something we, as hosts, have to adapt to or how can I report this bug to the proper developers?


Posted on January 13Posted on January 13

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