I have been using the August Smart lock for a few months now, and on paper, it's been great. 


However, more often than not, guests show up at my door without having downloaded the app, much less created an account. August sends an email to all of my guests, but the majority tell me they've never seen it.


As a result, I'm left to guide them through the process of app installation and set up after letting them in. Not a HUGE problem. But, it kind of defeats the purpose of getting a smart lock. 


What have you guys done to encourage your guests to "come prepared". 

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Re: Problem with guests and August Smart Lock

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I hate that people have to conform to the technical demands of today. I thought technology was supposed to make things easy....now our phones are bombarded with apps bogging down the space making phones sluggish. Why are we expected to download an app that may or may not have bugs and hope our phone works just to get into a place we paid good money for?! Elders won't conform and they shouldn't have to. Just give us a **bleep** old fashioned key!!!

Re: Problem with guests and August Smart Lock

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So you want people to open up their homes and rely on people not to make copies of your keys, not to lose your keys and to hand the same germ-filled  keys that has passed through multiple hands?? Or to a pay a crap load of money rekeying after every guests checks out? Yes the “old fashion “ way would be great maybe 35 years ago, but we are living in a totally different world and it’s not getting nicer at all.

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