Smart locks for multiple locations?

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I was looking at installing smart locks on our properties for easier guest access as well as more control of when our cleaners and maintence people are coming in and out. Our properties are in another state. We have 6 airbnb's in multiple locations and will be adding more propeties in other locations shortly. I seem to be leaning towards the yale locks but I can't seem to find a good solution to managing multiple properties. I was also looking at the nest yale lock but they limit you to 3 properties so that is a no go right off the bat. It would be nice if they removed that limit so it can be accessed all from one account. Has anyone found away around the nest 3 home limit or another solution for managing multiple smart locks? Thank you 

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Re: Smart locks for multiple locations?

Lincoln, Canada
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@Paul-And-Terry0 I use the Schlage system with a Wink hub, and it has no issues managing multiple locks and hubs at multiple locations through one app. I don't believe that there is a maximum number of hubs/locks you can add: if there is, I haven't run across it yet.

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