I’ve had a number of guests book last minute such as with wanting to arrive in minutes or in a couple of hours. I really don’t like that air B and B says you have to say why you won’t book them and that you owe it to them to provide an explanation. I have my settings that guests can send a request to see if I can or not. My settings are also so that people can’t instant book unless they have a photo, verified ID and at least a good reference, yet they can still somehow send requests and air B and B says I still owe them an explanation and some of them try to book last minute too (which sometimes seem to be for hook ups). Air B and B and guests need to just take no for an answer. I don’t appreciate guilt trips or having to explain anything that’s already in my restrictions.

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Re: Why does air B and B guilt you into explaining why you can’t host when someone books last minute?

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It should be. In my case I just told them I was uncomfortable. It was a young guy who wasn't arriving until the NEXT evening and it was mid afternoon so he had time to send a message. It had me questioning his intentions somewhat. Also since I had only been on Airbnb 3 weeks at the time I didn't realize instant book was automatically on until you turn it off. Airbnb did cancel without penalty however it wasn't as easy as they make it sound. I had to call, wait on hold, then explain myself to them. Too much headache for me. 

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