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Hello everyone,This is a place where you can talk about hosting in a general way. Dive into this board to get to know other hosts, share your experiences, exchange ideas about hosting, and share your host stories.Remember that for more specific questions ...
Hello I am new to hosting. The first 3 reservations I’ve received are from new users with no info on profiles. All are international. No reviews. I’m somewhat worried that these are bot profiles and / or digital hackers. I’ve raised the issue with Airbnb ... Latest reply by Fatima421
Howdy again all,In general, our primary market (Chicago) has high seasonality. We are achieving ~90% occupancy over May-Aug, at weekend peak prices that are about 3x those of winter month stays (Nov-Feb). April to October is also fairly good, but ... Latest reply by Stacy357
I'm a superhost with over 4 years experience as an Airbnb host. I've recently decided to change our offer from rooms only with a shared kitchen to 'proper' bed and breakfast. I've registered my kitchen as a food business so that I can legally make a coo... Latest reply by Huma0
Are you the type of person who gets up early every morning? Do you try to stay quiet when a guest is there? Especially those of you who share your space; how do you handle mornings? Even those who have a separate entrance and space in your house - not ... Latest reply by Huma0
Hosts help please!! Where has the "see what your guest pays" feature gone?? Our rates are variable and change with number of guests -- has ABB vanished the pricing tester feature or hidden it somewhere?It was so easy when it was on the calendar page Latest reply by Joanna309