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Hello everyone,This is a place where you can talk about hosting in a general way. Dive into this board to get to know other hosts, share your experiences, exchange ideas about hosting, and share your host stories.Remember that for more specific questions ...
If you are an active host in Wilmington, NC we are looking to build our Facebook group for networking purposes and issues specifically related to our area. Please feel free to join! The more the merrier! https://www.facebook.com/groups/airbnbwilmingtonnc/ Latest reply by Sharis5
I have sent Airbnb an email this morning detailing their utterly confusing review timeline policy. I've adapted it below for this forum and would welcome any helpful suggestions. If you're in the situation of having to leave a bad review for a guest and w... Latest reply by Susan1188
Hi everyone, Living more ethically, with the planet, the environment, people and animals in mind, has become an important focus for many these days. This often translates into lifestyle changes, however big or small, and as a result veganism is a wa... Latest reply by Huma0
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I was wondering if a lot of hosts own a cat where they rent? I rent out my lower level and I miss having a cat. I haven't gotten one because I know a lot of people have cat allergies. Has anyone had issues or lost out on reservations because of a cat? Latest reply by Oomesh-Kumarsingh0
Hello everyone, One of the key roles of lighting in an interior setting is probably functionality. There are many types of lights, and most likely the lighting one picks needs to suit a purpose, whether that’s to act as decoration, create an atmosph... Latest reply by Quincy
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Hello everyone, I have noticed we have quite a lot of hosts here in the CC who are interested in eco related topics, especially when it comes to your home. I'm a bit of a fan too! I’ve been following the news, and there has been a lot about the devel... Latest reply by Zsolt32
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One of my listings comes up with tips on the side and sometimes I get offered to advertise a last minute deal at 10% off for the following week. The other listing doesnt come up with these tip suggestions? Latest reply by Roberto1980