"Work Collection" Requirement for 5 "Trips Reviewed" (in past year) Makes No Sense

Washington, DC
Level 8

I have 3 DC apartments and 2 cabins.  One of my DC apartments, a studio with a separate kitchen, is my most popular of the 5 for people on work travel.  It gets consistent 5-star reviews, and I meet all the requirements ... except for the requirement for 5 reviews in the past year.  


I can see it not kicking in until you have some threshold of reviews to make sure it's legit, but putting a time limit makes no sense.  This apartment is practially booked solid all year.  But the stays are typically 3 months (sometimes 5) because it's perfect for traveling nurses, law clerks, interns, researchers, correspondents, etc. etc. etc.  ALL work-related trips -- a studio is just not a typical vacation pad!


But because you can't divide 12 months by 3 months and get to 5 ... ever ... it will never be featured in the Work Collection.   However my remote cabin down a four mile gravel road nowhere near commerce has been eligible for the work collection since the program started.  SMH.


How about use number of days booked with a review instead, or make it 10 reviews without time limit?

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