Dear Airbnb, Regarding the overhaul of the Airbnb site into categories and removing control from hosts; I understand what you were going for but this should have been tested for usability by both hosts and travelers in the form of a ride-along widget to t... 続きを読む
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I have been away for the best part of a month so my knowledge of current events is somewhat lacking but, I have been puzzled during my time away that my listing views have dropped from 30-50 per day to less than 10, some days just 2 or 3! On doing some c... 続きを読む
Where do we go from here!
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As a host, I am very concerned about the new Airbnb Category-only landing page. Are you?I am shocked that Airbnb made such a dramatic shift away from the previous design of the site which used Ai to track and learn about traveler preferences and then serv... 続きを読む
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The Kenyan coast goes through two main seasons: The Kusi and KaskaziThe Kusi is when we have the strong Southern monsoon winds which blow from April to November. During Kusi it is considered low season because the seas are generally rough for snorkelling ... 続きを読む
The Kusi season at the Kenyan Coast
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Bonjour à tous, vu le nombre de questions à ce sujet, voici un petit guide pour vous aider à déclarer vos revenus, qui est en fait un résumé de plusieurs discussions de ce forum. Ce guide est valable en 2022, il est possible que les choses changent dans ... 続きを読む
[Tutoriel] Déclarer ses revenus Airbnb aux impôts (LMNP - régime MicroBIC)
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Hola a todos, En los últimos años hemos observado un aumento significativo de los costes de la energía, lo que ha provocado un aumento de las tarifas y de las facturas de energía para todos. Estos costes también ha repercutido en los huéspedes, ya... 続きを読む
¿Cuáles son las mejores prácticas para controlar el coste de la electricidad de los huéspedes?
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Bonjour à Tous, @Lisa voici une information de première importance, attendue depuis longtemps, concernant les voyages vers le Maroc. Fiche sanitaire disponible à travers ce lien : 続きを読む
Maroc, allègement des conditions d'entrée dans le pays.