Aircover request as guest party slept in an additional bedroom not part of the stay, where they caused damage?

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Aircover request as guest party slept in an additional bedroom not part of the stay, where they caused damage?


I have been hosting a room for about 10 months and have great ratings. However I recently had a group of 4 book my 2 queen bed room, however I believe one slept on the couch (which is in the shared space and according to other posts Airbnb does not care) however it gets worse. I had a larger room currently being worked on and the room's door had been placed on a barebones queen bed so that it wouldn't damage the walls or floor. The next day I come in and see the door is on the side of the bed with the hinges on the floor. Upon closer inspection the hinges made two damage spots on the brand new waterproof floor. The floor, edges with silicone, and trim have all been completed at this stage and the plank cannot be removed. Damage is also visible on the door hinge. Therefore the party of 4 decided that they were free to use the entire house and slept on an unfinished bed ( making it dirty as a mattress cannot be cleaned as easily as sheets can) and in carelessness threw the door off of it causing it to make a hard impact with a newly installed floor and compromising the water proof integrity.


This room was not to be rented out ever because the entire house will be inhabited by my family soon and having someone not only use it without permission and damage it has caused stress.


However, as a solution should I request Aircover the cost of booking two rooms? ($90 minus 6 dollars no cancellation charge, plus 5 dollar short stay cleaning minus 2.67 host service fee, was the first room's cost). Or should I also request Airbnb for rough handling of private belongings causing critical damage to integrity of a structure requiring repair on top of this?


If guests needed more beds they should have booked elsewhere.

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Hi dear Luis,


It can be frustrating when guests do not adhere to the agreed-upon sleeping arrangements and cause damages to your property.

In situations like this, it's important to address the matter promptly and seek appropriate resolution. Here are some steps you can consider taking:


  1. Document the Damages: Take detailed photos of the damaged floor, door, and any other affected areas as evidence. This documentation will be crucial when communicating with the guest and Airbnb Support.

  2. Contact the Guest: Reach out to the guest involved in a polite and professional manner. Share your concerns about the damages and the unauthorized use of certain areas of your property. Request their cooperation in resolving the matter and seek compensation for the incurred expenses.

  3. Report to Airbnb: Contact Airbnb Support to report the damages and provide all the evidence you have gathered. Explain the situation thoroughly and request assistance in resolving the issue with the guest.

  4. Seek Compensation: Calculate the costs of repairing the damages and any additional expenses incurred due to the guest's actions. Present this information to Airbnb Support when reporting the issue.

  5. Consider Future Precautions: To avoid similar incidents in the future, consider updating your house rules and guest instructions to clearly state which areas of the property are off-limits and what the appropriate use of amenities should be. This will set clear expectations for future guests.

  6. Review Guest Screening: Evaluate your guest screening process to ensure that you are selecting guests who align with your hosting standards and expectations.

Remember, Airbnb has a resolution process in place to handle such situations, and they will work to find a fair resolution for both parties. Be patient and persistent throughout the process, and provide any additional information Airbnb Support may require.


I hope these suggestions help you in addressing the issue and finding a satisfactory resolution.



Have a wonderfull day bro. 🙂

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Are you a host @Amr359 ?


Airbnb have a long history of not being fair when handling claims through its guarantee for hosts. 

Hi Helen,

I acknowledge your apprehensions regarding Airbnb's handling of host claims. While it's true that there have been numerous instances where hosts felt their claims were treated unfairly, it's worth considering that individual experiences can vary. Drawing from my experience assisting clients with their accounting and bookkeeping needs, persistence and raising concerns have often led to successful resolutions.

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exactly many thousands of hosts report difficulties with using the guarantee 


you say some of your clients have had positive experiences. That doesn't invalidate the experiences of those who haven't.

As someone who's not a host what  made you join our community and comment on host issues   @Amr359 ?

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@Luis4816 If you leave open doors/doorways then guests will go through them I am afraid. Anywhere a guest is not allowed should be locked.

I would ask for the full amount of damages. Air cover never pays out in full anyway so you will never get everything you’re asking. 
these guests sound obnoxious. Make sure to leave a review.

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@Luis4816 Have you spoken to the guest as to what actually happened? First port of call. Ascertain the cost of repair and get an invoice. That is the only way you will be able to claim damages. If there was a bed and a door in the room then obviously the floor should have been fully sealed or why put a bed and a door in there. Waterproofing is something people do for bathrooms not bedrooms as bedrooms do not have a lot of water in them hopefully . Silicone is used possibly on the cracks in skirting boards at the top but mainly to maintain the integrity of walls and for painting , if you mean polyurethane on the floor then thats different again . Maybe the person carrying out the repairs will give you an invoice to remedy the scratches... Good Luck ... H

Hard to get an invoice when I am myself doing all the installation and work on the house from plumbing to structure integrity to hosting. I am remodeling it so I will charge what I deem it necessary. How about you tell me how I am supposed to put a door on a room where the door to the room is on a bed for protection, because the door needs to be off to do renovations on the room?

The entire house is being waterproofed to protect the vinyl floor from water damage.

@Luis4816 I doubt you will succeed without proper invoices. If there is no door then perhaps you should consider stopping hosting until there is a door. Hosting a part finished space is, as you have found out, not a good idea.