Being given a Superhost status

Being given a Superhost status

Our heart is jumping with joy when I opened my e-mail and was really surpised reaching the status of becoming a Superhost. We would like to thank our guests for making this happen, for their excellent reviews and woderful suggestions on how we can improve our Airbnb unit. I can say that our unit is the most  preferred place to stay here in Calgary.


We would like also to thank the Airbnb management for their wholehearted support through out our journey and in inspiring us to become a Superhost.

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Huskisson, Australia

@Ramon543 Congratulations on your first Superhost. I know how you feel as this what we all aim for and the first one is special.

Don't forget to use your voucher for USA $100 unfortunately they dont carry over. This is the negative side for me as at first I was unaware that they had an expiry date for use. Then covid rules were in place and we were unable to get away. So my intentions is to runaway for a short stay and use my voucher.

Keep up with your way of hosting for your guests.


@Jenny @Deb216 @Yui-Hei0 @Clara116 @Branka-and-Silvia0 , thank you so much for your wonderful and genuine encouragement and compassion. You're all truly a Superhosts.


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Zagreb, Croatia

@Ramon543  congratulations 🙂

I don't want to spoil your excitement but note, you are just 1 ** guest (per year) away from losing it. And when it happens, stay cool and remember - you are hosting for money, not for a badge 🙂


**[Inappropriate comment removed in line with the Community Center Guidelines]

Community Manager
Community Manager
Galashiels, United Kingdom

Hi everyone


Just a quick note to say that I've removed some replies that were off topic or not in the spirit of our Community Center Guidelines.


Please, let's enjoy the positivity of another Superhost, and celebrate them.


@Ramon543 your listing is absolutely beautiful!  Impeccably clean and tidy, and it looks like the perfect place to relax and spend some time.

What's been your favourite hosting moment so far?





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Sandwich, MA

Congratulations, @Ramon543.  Well done!

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Honolulu, HI




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Pensacola, FL

@Ramon543  congratulations I know you are proud. And some are forgetting that many folks search superhost places only so it does matter. I think it's good to have a badge to say we have met certain standards and not all hosts have. Also that $100 coupon that you receive after a full year as super host can be used for an experience or booking a stay which is really nice. Go ahead and feel proud and make every guest like they are your first guest and you will do excellent. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Terneuzen, Netherlands

@Ramon543 Well done on getting Superhost status! 😃


It's definitely an achievement to be proud of and you've more than deserved it. 

Kun je niet vinden waar je naar zoekt? Klik op Gesprek beginnen om het aan de Airbnb community te vragen, en vergeet niet de richtlijnen te bekijken! 

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Rawai, Thailand



Well done welcome to the world of Super Host,

Now you have to maintain it, 

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