Guests that love your home but give you 4's instead of 5's because they think its a good review

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Guests that love your home but give you 4's instead of 5's because they think its a good review

Many people just don't give 5 stars because that is considered "perfect" to them and nothing is perfect but they loved your home. 4's make the statement to the public that basically you suck on here. Even only one time and your done forever. I don't think it is fair to influence reviews. What do others have to say about this? 

Julie Friess SRA, AI-RRS
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@Julie4711 A four star review is 'good' a five star 'excellent' in Airbnb land. We have the following text in our apartment manual to try and explain this to guests:


We hope you enjoyed your time with us and will leave a review on Airbnb. The Airbnb system is somewhat strange in that an average of 4.7 stars for the ‘overall score’  is ‘the level of performance that’s expected from hosts on Airbnb’.

Thank you! I find this frustrating. 

Julie Friess SRA, AI-RRS

My cabin has been permanently delisted, but I still have a much smaller apartment.  I intend to post this for all to see

with a more personal explanation that I am not presenting here.  



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Carolyn, that is going a bit far and guests may see that as being over the may work against you.

I do something similar, this is what I include in the house rules folder.......

IMG20190315143441   aa.jpg click on the image to expand.

Guests are quite shocked when they read that! Many of them think that by giving a 3 star and offering a comment they were helping the host.

That page puts a bit of proper perspective back into the Airbnb rating system.



Yes I see.  You give a more lengthy explanation. Thank you for that I might just use your words if you don't mind

Absolutely love this, thank you for sharing!

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I don't really put any kind of review score guidelines anymore. But what seems to work for me is if it's a guest that stays for a couple of days, and I have the time, I will ask if they need anything and if everything is fine.


Kinda like when you go to a restaurant, and after your meal comes, and they come asking if everything is good etc. Usually when this happens I will tip higher. Like if I normally tip 10% for basic service, if they come around and ask if everything is okay I will tip at least 15% or more depending on value added service. The reason I will tip extra for this is because this is also when I can give my opinion or feedback on the steak or whatever. Like if I think it's been cooked too raw or w/e, and sometimes the waiter will offer to remake my steak and stuff. So I think this is a crucial part of the experience when you dine in a more upscale restaurant, and they also consider anything under 15% tip to be a fail just like we consider anything less than a 5 star to be a fail. 


I think airbnb hosting is similar in a way. Even though 5 star review is what's expected, if you provided value added service it is appreciated. 

Hi @Julie4711 

I have seen some Hosts use these frig magnets (Amazon) and they seem to work pretty well, but I like @Robin4 's idea better!






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we have a couple messages we send to every guest, which have seemed to do well for us so far.  also just a schedule of messaging that's personable and customized to each person, without being overbearing.  It seems like if you can show that you're a person that cares about the property and not a faceless management company or totally unresponsive, people tend to have a little more empathy toward that even if there are some hiccups.  I do like some of these other suggestions as well.


the day after arrival "Hi, _____, hope you settled in and everything meets your expectations. If at any time during your stay you feel that your experience is less than 5-stars, please reach out."


and alongside checkout instructions "Please also message us if you have any constructive criticism. Our goal is to make this the best place in _____, so please let us know if there's anything that didn't meet or exceed your expectations."

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I don't provide any guidance on the Airbnb ratings and have only had two four star ratings in the last four years @Julie4711 


I am a home share host and I think that helps as there is a more personal relationship.