HELP airbnb just cancelled a reservation while airbnb said this couldnt be cancelled more than 10 times!

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HELP airbnb just cancelled a reservation while airbnb said this couldnt be cancelled more than 10 times!


im going desperate 

i just received an email saying that due to my cancellation policy the client cancelled like nothing... 

this client has been extremely difficult since beginning wanting to cancel but AIRBNB told me more then 10 times that im protected by my policy and that she cant cancelled, they even called her to explain that if she cancel due to my policy she will not receive any money back

there were lots of calls back and forward SUPERVISORS involved i tried to help the client the most i could but at the end i got the resolution that i am protected by airbnb and no way she can cancelled. 

once again she altered the reservation i lost around $400 but i did as a a good sign as i am a superhost and only want the best for my clients

i have absolutely NO IDEA what she did to cancel and not being punished as AIRBNB told me she would if she does cancel but now i see next month empty while THIS ISSUE WAS RESOLVED LAST DECEMBER so why i am getting a cancellation i talked even to supervisors thank god called are recorded i called for an hour now and airbnb say will study the case and come with an answer

but for what i called lots of times if the answer was always the same you are protected by your policy and she cant do nothing why now yes? why are you not protecting me as a superhost while you said you would?

please help

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This is a discussion forum for hosts and guests. You will not get a direct response from Airbnb here.


There is a difference between a cancellation and alteration. You say the guest altered the reservation and you lost $400, but are you now saying that that she went on to make a cancellation as well? 


It's hard to figure out what is going on without knowing the length of stay, the cancellation policy you had in place and how far ahead the guest altered or cancelled.



@Huma0   Do you think the alteration request caused the clock to "restart" as a "new" reservation and the guest could now effectively cancel?  That's what it sounds like to me.

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Ah, yes, that's a possibility.


Because I host long term stays, I've done/accepted lots of alterations. I don't ever remember it being an issue, but then with long term reservations, they are still committed to paying for the first 30 days. 


I have heard other hosts here advising caution about accepting alterations though for this exact reason, so maybe the clock does restart when the guest alters shorter bookings. 


I wonder, does that mean they get another 48 hour penalty free cancellation period?