Need advice on how to handle a refund due to hot weather (Texas)

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Need advice on how to handle a refund due to hot weather (Texas)

Recently we had a guest (conversation below), who arrived at 8:46 pm, it was approximately 85 degrees (F) and about 55% Humidity. We have our AC running at 73 and on days that it breaks 90 degrees outside we find that it is still a bit warm in the house. As host we want to do the best we can to provide comfort for our guest and so we recently purchased window units for each of our bedrooms. 

Our guest reached out explaining that it was warm, and later expressed their discomfort again. At this time they requested a refund, and while it stated "Partial refund" it was for the full amount. This occurred around 9:44 pm. 

My question here is, by issuing a full refund to my guest, should I as the host be expected to continue hosting the guest and not request that they leave? Likewise, I know that they will receive an option to leave a review in which they will trash me for "kicking them out". 

We allowed them to stay the remainder of the night and treated them like we would as if they stayed the full time. I just am not sure if I am obligated to allow them to stay. I am open to anyone who can help provide a better resolution or suggestions on how to navigate this issue. 

Refund Request: 




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If they got a full refund.  My expectation would be  they are leaving.

If your not sure.  I would use the platform.   Send a message like a typical check out today.  


Check out time is usually by  what  ever your time is..   Please do whatever are your usual check out instructions.  The heat issues settled already no  need for further discussion.

If the Guest doesn't want to leave...  Ask to  be notified on the app  because  you need to review with Airbnb.   If  that doesn't stimulate them to vacate then I  would contact Airbnb Support and ask them to educate the guest requesting a full refund because uncomfortable  means you  are  exiting