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As smokers, we’re noticing there is no longer a filter for requesting smoking properties. Was this eliminated due to the majority of non-smokers out there?

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Wow  I checked my listing page, I still have the  form in House Rules were I identify smoking allowed.  But I wasn't able to search your right.  You know somebody was talking about a new filter they thought would be good, maybe  instead of more filters if Airbnb allowed a keyword search within the filters.   That would  address  your issue of  smoking   and she was offering a fragrance free rental which  many want that has an option.

Thanks! Much appreciate your reply.

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I just did a search on the site and the Smoking allowed filter is under Amenities/Features section.  Since this isn't a filter that I use, I am unsure if it is now in a new subcategory, but it's always a good practice to expand all truncated sections on a page too see all information that's presented. 





Thank you @Debra300, it must have moved as you said. Much appreciated!