Weekly Rentals

Weekly Rentals

Hi all,

I am new to this and we are renting our townhouse for the Summer season in Delaware, we would like to rent from Saturday/Sunday  for weekly rentals, but have a few inquiries for starting mid week, which affects the flow of rentals as you can immagine especially the Summer season!

Does it matter if we wind up renting any day of the week for weekly rental ,will we loose if we rent midweek?



Any advise would be great!




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Hi @Jony10 

t's an interesting strategy to stick to weekly rentals starting on weekends (Club Med style), but I'm not sure it will fill up your calendar. You might lose a few good guests and income along the way. From my limited hosting experience, no month is ever 100% booked with short-term rentals. There are often vacant days between bookings. So, I can't definitively suggest whether your strategy will work or not; you will have to try it out.

Just to mention, there is an option for fixed check-in and check-out days if you wish. For example, only allowing check-in on Sunday or Saturday.


@Jony10 We use rulesets to try to force weekend-weekend bookings in high season and then remove the restriction if we are not getting booked.

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Hello @Jony10, welcome to the Airbnb Community 😊


Let us know when you've had the chance to read the suggestions from Guy and Mike. I'm also sharing a guide here on how to fix check-in and check-out days as mentioned by Guy: [Guide] – How to Use Pro Tools & Rule Sets to Create a Custom Date Range for Check-in/Checkout & Min...


I hope this helps, and please keep us updated on your final decision.



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Can you reach out to a local realtor and ask who rents summertime in your area?  


You could also look on airbnb for your competitors..If your market is weekly, your competitors sites will reflect this, and mos likely be already booked…which is why you are getting requests. 


High season, we typically have 100% occupancy,  2 day minimum.