review burnout!


review burnout!

I have been hosting for about 7 years with over 1000 stays. I am starting to get PTSD with the review process! I am thinking people are reviewing me in my personal life now KRIKEY! I host so often and have to review and get reviewed that It is starting to affect my happy place (home and brain). Does anyone else have this issue? I clean my apartments top to bottom, upgrade and add special touches but sometimes it isn't enough for the expectations and entitled guest that occasionally stay in my homes. 


"The bath mat doesn't feel comfortable on my feet",  

low marks on check in because she didn't know that there are alleys behind homes? (clearly stated in check in instructions)

well you get the idea........

I want all of my guests to feel comfortable and give them ample opportunity to contact me right away if something is not to their liking.

This review burnout is real and not sure what to do about it.

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Hi Jennifer


We have 1,600reviews. 


We feel the same. I only review a guest now if they take the effort of messaging me when they check out or I need to flag an issue to other hosts. Many don't even bother to message when they leave.  I occasionally look at our reviews


We actually now find it amusing what new ridiculous comments that they can think of. We thought after 8 years we have heard it all.


Seagulls are too loud.  It was dark when we arrived at night which made it frightening. The instructions for opening the windows were not clear. (you push the handle down and they open out) etc etc


If you were to respond and act of every comment you would go crazy.





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Hi Martha, it’s not worth ruining a relationship over. My friend who has an Airbnb in Wisconsin basically told me the same thing he and his wife  they have their moments about bad guests or some thing wasn’t exactly perfect and he said I am not gonna lose my wife over an Airbnb or any apartment that I own so I guess you have to be vigilant

I personally could give a crap about reviews. I get it....being a super host is cool especially if you get that $100 coupon for being a super host for a full year........NOT $100 is just a smidgen of what I make for Airbnb! My two houses are MY houses and I have them the way I want them. Letting others rent my houses is a bonus to them and just a way for me to keep my houses in top running order until I can move back. ALSO.....people will say anything to try and get a refund. Sounds to me like you go above and beyond and I would love to stay in your place!

Thank you Charlotte it’s getting better I just was on the ledge and I’m just trying not to let it get to me by the way I got a new shower mat how exciting maybe my next guest won’t complain about how it feels underneath their feet lol

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Hi Jennifer,


Came here to make myself feel better. And feel better that I’m not feeling this way alone. It's fascinating how our brains are wired to focus on the negative even when we have numerous positive reviews. Personally, a single bad or mediocre review can ruin my entire day, leaving me feeling distracted and unable to focus on anything else. It's especially challenging since I’m hosting rooms out of my personal home that I live in. So bad reviews really sting as I take them way to personally, which ends up consuming me so badly that it will be the only thing I’ll be thinking on that day, worst-case scenarios even the following day. 


I've taken great care in creating detailed listings with important information, and I even ask potential guests to carefully consider if my listing suits their needs. Many guests appreciate this approach, but unfortunately, some negative reviews stem from guests who didn't bother reading the listing description thoroughly. I understand that not everyone pays attention to details, but it's frustrating that I get penalized for it by Airbnb.


The burnout is real, and at one point, I did not write reviews for guests to avoid instant notifications about their reviews. To add to the stress, lately, when a guest rates 3 stars or lower overall or on any of the individual topics, I receive an email from Airbnb that feels somewhat threatening, urging me to improve and review their guidelines, hold the AirBnb standard high etc. I wish that the automated email would be more supportive and encouraging for hardworking hosts like me. Airbnb's guidelines emphasize the need for accurate listing descriptions, which I have diligently followed and I don’t feel I’m being rewarded by the AirBnb for that. However, I believe Airbnb should also stress the importance of guests reading and understanding the listing details before booking, as it's not a hotel experience.


Despite telling myself that I can't make everyone happy and that guest expectations may sometimes exceed the listing description, it's challenging not to feel at the mercy of my guests. But also it works the other way around. 

As anxious as I’m and a AirBnb guest myself, I've also felt stressed about potential blame for previous guests' bad behaviors from a host or just not leaving the place clean enough for their standards. 


The toll that the AirBnb reviewing system has taken on my mental health is unacceptable but I also need to make the rent. I’m working on different solutions and trying to steer away from the live-in Airbnb situation as the unexpected negative reviews are just too much. I personally feel that guest are expecting way more of their stay when the host is present, like a personal butler. 


Here is another rather odd that I noticed with AirBnb reviews. So extremely clean is 5 stars and clean is 4 stars. That rating is both ways to guest and host. As a host, I rate most of my guests 5 stars, as it seems ridiculous to leave them 3 stars. Vice versa, if the place I stay is overall clean, or I can tell it’s cleaned as old places don’t appear clean due to wear and tear, I leave 5 stars. It’s also unreasonable to expect from a guest to leave the place clean after they have used it. I quite frankly not even sure what the extremely clean means. It’s either clean or not.  But in reality, how can a guest leave a place clean once they have used towels and the bedding, walked on floors with their shoes, touched things, used the bathroom etc. I mean if it’s extremely clean then I guess I should be good enough for the next guest as is. I hope you are getting my sarcasm in here. In my eyes according to Airbnb reviews only guests who deserve 5-star rating for cleanliness would be the guests who never show up.

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100% feel ya' 


Over 1300 reviews and quickly learned early on, it was going to be impossible to make everyone happy. You can do everything perfect and eventually someone's gonna complain about the texture of the bathmat. 

It’s worth noting that 3 poor reviews in any period and your listing will be suspended.

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Burnout is real, very real. 

My boyfriend and I started hosting in 2020 and now have 7 Airbnbs. We manage this all ourselves, all while working full time,  trying to raise a family and perhaps even getting out for some adventures and relaxation of our own.

It can be extremely frustrating to receive poor reviews, especially when you know that you have a fantastic cleaning team, have paid attention to detail on all aspects of your home and tried to provide a reasonable price for a place that you know you would be happy to stay yourself. 

We go through cycles of ignoring reviews, but find that hard when you receive emails from Airbnb every single time. So many are good, but the bad ones always seem to bother us. 

I guess we just need tougher skin or more of a sense of humor. Glad to know we're not alone.



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The way I della with reviews is  totally business.     I  don't  have a  relationship with the Guest then Walmart has with me if I think  they  sold me something  bad.   

I  leave either a nice review or a totally professional  one that isn't  perfect.

I  get those stupid revies house smelt.  Yes I  smoke Yes II disclose it and yes I  make sure  before your check in date I  confirm  you  Know.    And yes,  itt is a shared home and you   can smell smoke.


I just disregard the stupid reviews.     I  don't let it bother  me when I am comfortable  that I  made sure  to communicate.

The angry reviews can happen.  I think I   have 1 this year or  late  last  year..    I don't  look at changing my rules.   My rules   are to  provide  comfort  for  everyone  staying and  yes you  get the person who seems to think  your rules apply to everyone  but them.   I will  think if  I   could improve my application of  my rule in a less confrontational  manner.    Realize an  angry guest whether right or wrong is just  an angry  review.   My  goal for   me is how do I if possible   diffuse some of the anger next time.

Usually a  Guest really trying to  give me  feedback  to consider   I will get   my  positive review and  a private   note switch    to vaping Haha 

Reviews always should be considered at  a group level are 10 Guests  out of 15   complaining about noise or 1  guest  out of  15?