How to get more bookings on Airbnb?

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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

How to get more bookings on Airbnb?



My name is Jennifer and I am an Airbnb Host for almost two years at this time. I have rented to hundreds of clients and have been a Superhost for over one year. In the beginning I didn't get that many bookings, however currently I am 90% fully booked every single month.


This is what I did, to get more bookings per month:


  1. Great pictures

In the beginning when I didn’t receive reservations I had pictures made with my mobile phone, they weren’t that great so I changed them. I learned that people are attracted by great pictures. I mean, ask yourself this question. Would I stay in my own place just looking at the pictures I currently have on Airbnb­?

I paid a professional photographer to make great pictures of everything my apartment, the building and the neighborhood have to offer. I have uploaded over 20 pictures per apartment and assured that all important details are being shown, this way my guests now exactly what they’re going to find without even reading the description.


  1. Great Descriptions

When writing your property description be as clear and specific as possible, assure that all small details are inserted so potential guests won’t have to send you emails asking for details. It is also very important that your description is attractive to read, and makes the guest feel like they want to stay in your apartment. Once writing a great description about your property, the building, neighborhood etc. Assure that you adjust it into different languages if possible. Most of my current guests are from the United States, therefore I have my descriptions both in English and Spanish.

Another detail is spelling, try to avoid spelling mistakes as this will look unprofessional.


  1. Guest Communication

Once your profile has been setup correct, you will see that the first requests and reservations will come in soon. A great way to stay up to date with what is happening and to respond in a timely manner is to download the Airbnb mobile app. I use this on a daily base to stay up to date, as I will receive a text message each time I have a reservation or request I am able to respond quicker. Assume that guests may write several properties, your timely respond is key to be able to get the reservation.

When responding to guests try to respond in a friendly and professional way, in their own language if possible and respond as quickly as possible.


  1. Guest stay

After having a complete profile and receiving your reservations, key is to give them a great experience. I always try to overachieve their expectations as this will result in happy guests, great reviews, returning guests and even more guests because of the great reviews.

This is what I am doing: try to make people feel welcome in your accommodation. When a person comes to your place assure a great check-in. Confirm arrival time, who is going to check them in, address details or maybe transportation. Try to surprise them by adding something personal from the Dominican Republic, a personal welcome letter, sweets or a bottle of wine could make a big difference in their first impression.

During the stay keep in contact with your guest to verify that everything is going perfect, be there for them. When checking-out make them feel welcome back and always try to receive as much feedback as possible to improve. Assure your write a constructive review, so they will write you a review back.


  1. Prices

Having competitive prices is key. Just take a look around on Airbnb to similar properties in your area who are highly ranked in the search, try to match their rates. Once you have a great profile and good reviews you could eventually higher the price when you are getting enough reservations to fill up the whole month.

Also keep in my mind that you offer specific prices per day, week and month. The longer a guest stays often the better the rate should be to be competitive in the market. Also keep in mind that prices may vary regarding the season. In the Dominican Republic, winter is in most places high season and summer low season. It is advisable to adjust your prices accordingly.


  1. Availability

Try to keep your calendar up to date so you won’t have to tell potential guests that your property is already booked. To get more reservations you can turn on direct reservations, in this case people could book directly without having to request if the apartment is available first.

I hope that the above advice helps you to get more reservations. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask me. 





Please find my properties here: [link removed]


Santo Domingo Elegant Apartment

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England, United Kingdom

@Abi010 , i am new to hosting again, after 4 years of not been hosting, i had to turn down a request yesterday, as the enquiries was in German language, and he doesn't understand English either, and i don't speak German . Has anyone ever experience this ? and how do i go about hosting them if we both don't understand each other. Please help. Thanks

Very helpful guide.

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Riverton, UT

Thanks for these tips! Super helpful


I think to get much more bookings you need to make perfect photos of your place. I've been using airbnb as a guest (renting an apartment) a couple of times and all of times my focus was a great view of the apartment, a beautiful photo of your place may be the main thing on taking a decision, to rent or not to. A good description of your place is also a very important thing. Don't forget about reviews, ask all of your guests to leave you a positive feedback


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Atlanta, GA

Excellent post. As new hosts, we are trying to get all the helpful tips we can get to maximize our bookings and get excellent reviews. 

Continued luck with your spot!

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Hamilton, Canada

Love these tips

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Thanks for some great tips! 

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Tbilisi, Georgia

Great tips and I totally agree with most of them. I've been hosting more than 2 years already and have been super host since the after first two months. I've still got 5.0 rating on my listing. I made my own research and started doing business prepared. 

Thanks for stating out important topics, it should be a lot of value for any host on the platform.

  1. Make sure your Airbnb profile is complete.
  2. Pricing is Key.
  3. Keep an up to date calendar.
  4. Be ready to take guest enquiries.
  5. Make a good first impression.
  6. Offer more than just a stay, offer an experience.
  7. Improve your property style and design.
  8. Read and answer the reviews.
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Miami, FL

Does anyone know if it's possible to search in the same exact building?



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São Paulo, Brazil

Você fez somente um anúncio do mesmo imóvel, ou fez outro para ganhar mais visibilidade?

Great you share this helpful post! 

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Odesa, Ukraine

That is very helpful! Thank you! 

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Kyoto, Japan

you are colossal,stupendous . This talk is  a big impact  for me  . I feel  like stayin with you as a guest.  

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Krong Siem Reap, KH

Thank you very much for your kind advise us the way you get the experience of your home.


Best regard,


Wendy Sun (From Siem Reap wonder Angkor, Cambodia) 

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Fredericton, Canada

Thank you for sharing!! 

Grazie per i preziosi consigli

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California, United States

Great post, very well stated. I love how much everyone shares their ideas. It makes everyone better!!


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Rochester, NY

Excellent, thank you 

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Naples, Italy

 grazie per questi preziosi consigli! 🙂

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