How can I upload arrival instructions ?

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How can I upload arrival instructions ?

I would like to upload arrival instructions with pictures which AirBnb would automatically send to guests who booked but I cannot find how.


How can I do ?


I only see house manual but there seem to be no possibility to upload photos nor full document with my own layout.


Thanks for your help.


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@Yoyo14  you can do this, but ONLY in the app on your phone. 🙂  they don't send it, but they tell the guest where to find and, and I tell the guest - TWO times, to have the phone app installed, but that at least 50% of my guests get lost or park in the wrong spot..... you can't force people to read or follow instructions! But, we can do as much as we can to make it fool-proof. 

you can add photos with step by step instructions, here's a sample of mine:
IMG_3032.jpggravel drive.jpgnwparking.jpg

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Hi @Yoyo14 ! 😃


You might be able to use scheduled messages for this. You can find more about scheduled messages and how to create them here:


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@Sybe  you can't put pics in scheduled messages AFAIK. 
you might mean this link,

but that doesn't help you with the phone app arrival instructions. 
I actually couldn't find anything in the Resource Centre that links to the phone app option. 

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