How do you protect your walls from scuff marks from guests bags?

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Quito, Ecuador

How do you protect your walls from scuff marks from guests bags?

Hello everybody! I’ve been hosting a suite in North Central Quito for about a month, and I’ve found that every time there’s a guest, afterwards there are new scuff marks on the walls. Most of them on the entrance, but also on different parts of the home, and my guess is that they drag their luggage inside and it leaves scuff marks on the wall. Some of them are really notorious and the ones we can’t wash away are starting to make my place look less nice. Have you had this problem before? What have you done to protect your walls? I’m considering wood paneling or something similar. (I’ve spoken with all the guests about it and all say they haven’t noticed and don’t know anything, and it happens often enough that it might be something of a common denominator for traveling guests eg. luggage) Let me know your thoughts!

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@Tamia13 We keep small pots of paint/foam brush in the apartment for this reason …scuff mark touch up.  We have 50/50 success with magic eraser, have not tried pink goop.. 


Monthly in our “deep clean” we check for paint touch ups, unless housekeeping tells us- emergency..then we address that day.


In terms of the wood at the door; gets dinged, which is harder to fix vs. paint. 

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Those are excellent tips to prevent scuff marks. Thank you I’ll be using some!

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The marks/wear and tear are basically inevitable in this industry. We use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on these marks which works pretty well depending on the severity of the mark. I would use caution and test them in a small area when first using them since it can take the finish off of certain materials.

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I have a thin passage that has this issue, Low sheen paint and keep spare paint to just brush over marks that don't rub off. If you use painted wood paneling you'll end up with the same issue.

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Hello @Tamia13, thank you for introducing this excellent topic to our community 😊


There are many outstanding suggestions in this thread on how to protect the walls, which appears to be an inevitable situation. Are you considering using clean magic erasers or washable paint?


Please let us know which of these great suggestions you plan to implement.



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Honestly I just paint over them, sometimes with wood filler of the marks are deep. There really isn't a way of avoiding new marks, some people just aren't mindful of how they treat your home. Price your place to cover repairs, and use aircover when possible👍🏽