Modify Yale Access welcome message to guests

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Modify Yale Access welcome message to guests

We are new hosts and are using the Yale smart lock with Yale Access and Airbnb integration. Guests guests are now automatically supplied with a unique access code to the lock immediately when confirming a reservation — they can also the Yale/August app for Bluetooth access to the lock. An automated message is sent within the Airbnb message system providing their unique code and explaining the options for accessing the Airbnb lock. Once set up, the functionality is very nice! I’m very impressed! However, I’d like to modify the default message that goes out — it is quite long.


Is it possible to modify the automated message that is sent out about the Yale lock integration and instructions to guests?

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So I just spent $1,000 on these locks after hearing the exciting news that they integrated with Airbnb. After setting the first one up I quickly realized how it wasn't going to work well with guests and the obnoxious automated message. Thankfully I do use Guesty to manage my listings. Although I was trying to get away from using a channel manager due to the extra costs, I found that Guesty does exactly what you all are looking for with the automated code messaging. You're able to send messages from Guesty, through Airbnb and customize the timing and message itself. Whew! Guesty will use either the guests last 4 of their phone #, or check in/out dates whichever you set it to. When creating the message, just use the tag (Guest Phone Number - Last 4). I just set this up so as of now I can't confirm how well it works, but Guesty does a very good job with it's messaging platform, so we should be ok.


So for now I'll be keeping the channel manager just for the codes (about $35/mo just for this), but I think it's going to be worth it in order to avoid guest confusion and negative reviews. We still absolutely need Yale and Airbnb to fix this because we shouldn't need to use a separate channel manager just to send codes when there's already an integration set up.


Good luck all!


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@Paul10454 Turn off app access or select pin access only for Airbnb syncs  IMG_6580.jpeg

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It's crazy that the "answer" to this is to buy another product. Like some of the other commenters, I also write software, this would be very easy to fix. Why has @Airbnb not done anything about this?

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Love the lock (for the most part), hate the long winded message that makes it difficult for guests to locate the code on . @Airbnb, we need a solution please.