What are your thoughts on restricting thermostat settings?

What are your thoughts on restricting thermostat settings?

I live in Central California where temperatures can reach 100+ and my guests have their own AC and thermostat. Lately my guests have been extremely inconsiderate and turning the AC to 68 and leaving the unit vacant, thankfully I have a Nest thermostat that goes into Eco mode when no movement is detected.


What are your thoughts on limiting the thermostat to 74 or 75? I also have a ceiling fan in the room for those who require additional circulation. 


Thanks in advance! 

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Our home on a Central American island, despite having $50K worth of solar power installed, still cost $100 a day (a day!) to cool in the summer when guests crank the ac's, then open all the doors...a common occurrence.   My July bill was $2400 simply for ac...again...with 44 functioning solar panels offsetting what guests were wasting.  With new management, we've put new rules in place that guests will be responsible for any costs above a certain baseline amount and we've actually lowered our rental rate.  So those who use all the electricity are welcome to do so at risk to their pocket books.  We explain all of it in great detail, as I, too was SHOCKED at the cost of electricity on our wonderful little island.  (This is a common practice among rentals AND hotels on the island.).  But for real...I don't think people can know the situation until you truly know the situation.  And $10K for an electric bill for 7 months will help a person understand a situation.  I am currently looking for smart thermostats to help people by keeping them inside a range of temps...

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I am a woman in my 40s who lives in the Texas heat. My husband has to work out in it and boy its hot this year. He would hate to go on a vacation and be hot and unable to relax. We keep it as cool as we can to be honest and its still hot. (Over 100 the past 2 weeks with no rain) I wouldn't like to not have temperature control on a vacation. You want guests to feel at home and relaxed. I do not even stay at hotels that that don't have climate control for my room. I do understand cost especially these days. I personally as a guest I would be detoured from a home with a setting of 78. That is a bit warm for me (hot flashes are not fun). A temperature of 72 is what most offices and public places use so maybe that would be better.

I'm in Miami and I also have a smart Nest thermostat. I have it locked to cool from 70 to 78. However, this month a guess complaint of the house being to hot at 70. So I removed the lock on the thermostat and asked them to be reasonable. I ask them to make sure the unit must stop once in a while and not run it nonstop.

Well, the outside temperature was 75 and they set the unit at 66 and they kept it running for 14 hours a day. I reset the lock on the thermostat and it was worst than the first time. Within minutes they were demanding I remove the lock. This is the last time I do this. If a guess wants to go below 70, I feel they must pay an extra fee. 

There is a risk of running an A/C nonstop. It can brake the unit and my unit costs $7,000.00.

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Hi Frank-and-Jesse0,


I would lock the thermostat using the temp ranges you mentioned.  As hosts, we cannot rely on all guests to be reasonable with the thermostat setting.  Everyone is different.  Of course, if the guests reach out to you to request it be adjusted, you can take it on a case by case basis to unlock the thermostat to accommodate them if the lock range isn’t working for them. This way, you maintain control to avoid this from draining your budget or worse, damaging your cooling system.

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I live in Arizona so I understand triple digits haha and many of my guests not from Arizona are obviously not accustom lol.  I  have central air system  so to protect expensive  required equipment I have the thermostats locked because mentioning it to guests just  wasn't  working.

My husband I think uses Nest to control also so I don't set a specific temperature but I tell guests if they are uncomfortable tell  me and together we will discuss options.  I find not being specific just causes less confrontation  and then  giving myself the ability to decide based on a real situation  (also since I put the locks about 3 months ago I have had  no criticism)

Our system my husband set up by analyzing usage and the electric company rates.  Most of my guests area working M-S during the day hours.  So the electric rates are a little higher and only me in the house, it is set at 75 degrees.At 2pm until 5 pm the electric company lowers ratees so he lowers it to 70 degrees to  cool house off.  The electric company has a significant cost increase from  5 pm to 9 pm he has it set to 75 degrees at that time but usually everyone is comfortable because the house was cooled off early and insulation maintains the comfort..  At 9 pm the electric rates go down  and the average person is not comfortable sleeping if too  warm.  Not artic 70 degrees again over night until like 5 am.