What would you consider kitchen essentials in your listing?

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London, United Kingdom

What would you consider kitchen essentials in your listing?


Hi everyone,

When it comes to creating a fantastic Airbnb experience for your guests, a well-equipped kitchen is important. Remember, the key is to create a comfortable and convenient space where guests can prepare and enjoy their meals. By providing these kitchen essentials, you can enhance the overall experience for your guests 😊

Having basic appliances like a refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave allow your guests to store and prepare their meals conveniently  🥘

Additionally you can include cooking essentials such as salt, pepper, cooking oil, and commonly used spices. This will save your guests from having to buy these items for short stays  🙌🏽

You can even go the extra mile and have set up a tea or coffee station for guests who need their caffeine fix 

What cookware, dinnerware, utensils and appliances do you include in your listing? Do you stock up on any basic food items for guests? Is there anything you do which your guests really appreciate? Share your thoughts and recommendations below in the comments 👇🏽



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Caledonia, MI

I will typically leave a small gift basket. I have left really nice caramel, apples, a bottle of wine and other nice things that a guest might like. A fruit basket for a family is a nice gesture. My house is stocked with spices, coffee, sugar creamer. Extra linens and towels is also a must 

I never understood the gift basket. It's just seems like  unnecessary effort and cost. Most guests won't comment about in their review nor will it prevent a bad review.

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Atenas, Costa Rica

For our properties, because we have full kitchens, That would definitely include pots & pans, dishes, silverware, cups, cooking utensils, coffee pot, blender, mixer, toaster, handheld squeeze-style juicer, graters, Measuring cups and spoons, vegetable peeler, sharp cooking knives, Wine key, Tupperware for Storage, baking dishes and pans, and a Cutting board just to name a few! If it was a different kind of rental with maybe just a mini kitchen, much of this is probably not expected, but many many of our guests cook while they are here with us and very much appreciate a FULLY stocked kitchen!  


If you are in doubt as to whether your kitchen has everything that your guests might need or want, and you also Cook, I would strongly recommend that you stay in your Airbnb for a few nights or even a week, and see how it works out for you! I could almost guarantee you will be adding things to your kitchen items!


Happy Hosting!

Lisa and Donnie

Atenas, Costa Rica

Same here all the basics listed by you. How many pots and pans is enough?? I have a 7 pc set basically one of each size bit think a few more may be better. Also I leave cookie sheets but no cake or cupcake pans. 

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Bozeman, MT

I  be agree with all the items the others have said. I might be repeating but we also put in a Keurig coffee maker with coffees, creamer, sugar packets, a variety of tea, hot chocolate, hot apple cider packets. A nice wine opener, we’ve recently added breakfast items such as individually wrapped pastries, oatmeal, frozen breakfast sandwiches. 

I like to be sure we have plenty of nice wine glasses, drinking glasses, and large coffee mugs. 

Napkins, both paper and cloth. Zip lock bags, foil, Saran Wrap.  

Basic condiments and spices. 

In addition to main appliances, a microwave. 

Mixing bowls, pots and pans. 

Enough silverware for each guest xs2. 

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Columbus, OH

kitchen essentials: toaster, can opener, block of cutting knives, cutting board, spatula, hand mixer, mixing bowls - 3 different sizes, spatula, kitchen towels and dish cloths,  set of pots and pans, drinking glasses, coffee mugs, oven mitts, steak knives, silverware, cheese grater 

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Ripenda Kosi, Croatia

We have fully equipped kitchen  , it contains everything you need in every day cooking: microwave, coffee machine and coffee filters, nutribullet toaster, can opener, cutting knives, cutting board, hand mixer, mixing bowls , kitchen towels , pots and pans, drinking glasses, vine glasses coffee mugs,  steak knives, silverware, cheese grater,  salt, pepper,  cooking oil, some spices

We also provide everything you have listed. We want guests to be able to cook full meals if they so desire.

I provide my guess with Nespresso virtuoso so that the coffee pods are recyclable. I use papaya paper towels, so it saves up to 17 rolls of bleached paper towel. My dish soap in the kitchen is organic, as is my hand soap in the whole house. I love bringing this experience to guess that are either familiar with it and appreciate it or not familiar with it and take it home with them to help our environment.

I agree with items listed by others, most importantly you need have a full set of dinnerware, drinking glasses, flatware, steak knives, prep knifes, toaster/ toaster oven, coffee maker, cookware including spatulas, kitchen towels, oven mitts, baking sheets and mixing bowls. 

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Noida, India

I agree with items listed by other hosts. 

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Elk Park, NC

I have a fully equipped kitchen with utensils, pots, pans, dishes and glass ware. 
I provide wine glasses, beer mugs and a coffee station. I provide grilling tools and hotdog or marshmallow roasting tools. I have a stove, oven and microwave. I also have plastic dishes for people who don’t want to wash dishes. 

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Korçë, Albania

I agre 

i have full kichen with stove fridge dishes spoon for cocong for tea and coffe  forks plates whater glases wine glases tea mug coffe mug dining tablle salt spices oil turkush coffe sugar hot water in kitchen  .

because kitchens is heart of hone . 

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Arundel, United Kingdom

Hi Sophia. The kitchen isn’t included in my place but I do have a nice table with a kettle, mugs, spoons, tea and coffee in the room. I also put some fresh milk in a jug the day my guests arrive and a chocolate treat of some sort.