What would you consider kitchen essentials in your listing?

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London, United Kingdom

What would you consider kitchen essentials in your listing?


Hi everyone,

When it comes to creating a fantastic Airbnb experience for your guests, a well-equipped kitchen is important. Remember, the key is to create a comfortable and convenient space where guests can prepare and enjoy their meals. By providing these kitchen essentials, you can enhance the overall experience for your guests 😊

Having basic appliances like a refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave allow your guests to store and prepare their meals conveniently  🥘

Additionally you can include cooking essentials such as salt, pepper, cooking oil, and commonly used spices. This will save your guests from having to buy these items for short stays  🙌🏽

You can even go the extra mile and have set up a tea or coffee station for guests who need their caffeine fix 

What cookware, dinnerware, utensils and appliances do you include in your listing? Do you stock up on any basic food items for guests? Is there anything you do which your guests really appreciate? Share your thoughts and recommendations below in the comments 👇🏽



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Charleston, SC

I"m in the City so have to comply with strict STR fire and safety regulations and inspections. Notably ovens aren't allowed for my kind of listing. They would be allowed in the "Commercial Overlay District"

The fire marshal inspects the property every year. There has to be working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, no extension cords or space heaters, a functional window in the bedroom, signage for path to exit, only a microwave is allowed, and things like outdoor grills and firepist have to be a safe distance from the dwelling. 

I'm only mentioning this because guest should be aware if they are rending a legal STR or illegal one. Perhaps there could be a way for host to verify that they are a legal STR and meet all local required safety and regulations? There would be a check mark, and "This listing is verified to meet local safety regulations." 

I would hope that guest safety would be the highest priority and not just renting potential unsafe accommodations. 

There are numerous fires and fatalities of guest being trapped inside illegal STRs. 

This one had an outdoor kitchen that wasn't infected or in compliance with local regulations. 


This is the copy of my most recent fire safety inspection from two days ago. 

Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 10.15.06 AM.png
Finally guest love my listing. This should be about guest ratings. They love the location, it being centrally located, and with that come some safety regulations. The ones with full kitchens would be whole house beach rentals, or listings further out of the city limits, or illegal ones. 

My highest priority is my guest safety and privacy. I also can't have policy in place where guest might show up early before next guest checks out. 

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Texas, United States

My kitchen is fully equipped with everything needed to make most any meal.  I have a coffee service with multiple ways to prepare coffee and tea, everything needed for baking (mixing bowls, meauring utensils and pans), prep equipment (various knives, peeler, cutting board), tableware (enough for all of the people on the listing, plus extra— and it matches), cookware (pots, pans, kettle, griddle, appropriate utensils), plus extras (instant pot, blender, mixer, waffle iron).  You can make almost any meal in my kitchen.  I also have various drinking glasses and bar ware, with a cocktail set and also a full set of plastic children’s tableware, suitable for toddlers.  


With 150 restaurants, 15 coffee shops, within a  7-15 minute walk…95% of our guests typically only use our Nespresso coffee/tea station, and microwave to reheat their delicious  leftovers.


However, guests  seem to appreciate 3 particular features we offer: 


1. Access, if they want, to 5 star, “trendy”  kitchen tools... 

To assist us, we’ve  partnered with an expert, the manager of a local store, whose knowledge is invaluable.  We update throughout the year.  


For guest stays of 4+ days, we: 

1. Leave pancake supplies


2. Ask what spices they use to cook with, so we may provide






The new kitchen gadgets I think is a great idea  I share my kitchen, which because my husband loves kitchen gadgets has many, and guests have sent me emails that they bought one of his gadgets like the Instapot for their home.

I ask about any particular spices and any specific kitchen products for my consideration from my Guests.  Which is very helpful because it is just different cooking habits sometimes that I just didn't think of.  I am in Arizona but not hispanic from Hawaii so upon Guest suggestions I have a tortilla press, a tortilla pan, some easy cookbooks for my gadgets in Spanish.

I find Guests to be my best resource for ideas.

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Goa, India

We do provide a fully functional kitchen with all utilities - large fridge, microwave, rice cooker, pressure cooker, blender/mixer/grinder, toaster, kettle, gas hob & chimney, etc (no baking oven), a spice rack, cooking oil, tea, coffee, sugar and fresh milk, a couple of packets of ready-to-cook  pasta and olio of cookies, chocolates, savouries and mouth fresheners and not to mention a fully stocked first aid kit. Also provided is cookware, dinnerware (including child friendly utensils), silverware, glassware  (including wine & cocktail glasses) and serving dishes for that special occasion. You never know when your guests may need a can opener, a corkscrew or an ice bucket, hence we have those handy. A budding chef needs a quality knife; we provide that too. Our guiding philosophy is continuous improvement; hence we have a policy of implementing one home improvement (however small) after each stay or every couple of short stays. This makes us navigate out of our comfort zone and search for that outrageous, but necessary customer need. Some examples...  icons under every switch to indicate its use, long shoe horn to aid senior citizens,  a glue set that includes shoe glue..... There is always an improvement that will be appreciated by your guests and needs little or no investment.

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Rowlesburg, WV

We do all of the above, plus a dishwasher for guests. At the Cannon Hill Inn in Rowlesburg, WV, we offer a Continental Breakfast with guests helping themselves to fruits, cereals, yogurt, OJ, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, granola bars, and biscotti. So far, it's working well. We offer coffee anytime, day or night. All cookware is provided. We're lucky to have a restaurant across the street and another just around the corner. Guests are welcome to prepare meals but usually choose to eat out.


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Taghazout, Morocco


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Salt Lake City, UT

The question I ask myself when considering kitchen essentials is "What would I want/need in a kitchen if I were going to make a full course meal in my own home?" 


We provide all of these items plus a few more that I'm forgetting but will probably remember after writing this:

- Appliances that you'd find a normal single family home's kitchen: refrigerator, range/oven, microwave, and dishwasher.

- A spice rack with more than just salt and pepper (I believe it has 16 different spices)

- 15 piece knife set

- Crock pot, instant pot, rice maker, air fryer, blender, and toaster

- Dinner ware (both plastic and ceramic) for the max number of guests

- Keurig and drip coffee makers with a starter pack including coffee and filters (bonus: apple cider and hot chocolate)

- Childware (e.g. rubber and plastic cups, bowls, plates for children)

- High chair with rubber suction cup dinner/child ware

- Seating for the max number of guests

- Glasses for max number of guests for both wine and regular drinks

- Cooking trays, pots, pans, etc 

- Serving utensils

- We also provide basic cooking ingredients like sugar, flour, butter, and items that people regularly use when cooking but might accidentally forget when at the store. 


It's a lot of items but it's things I wouldn't want to be without if I was cooking something and the tools to potentially cook it in a number of ways (e.g. range/oven, microwave, instapot, etc)

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New York, NY

Electrodomésticos ,nevera horno,  microondas, lavaplatos, licuadora cafetera utensilios como platos, cubiertos, tasas, vasos, copas, tabla de picar, procesador de alimentos, sartenes, ollas de cocinar y cucharas de cocinar. Café, té, galletas, azúcar, sal, frutas. Extintor de fuego,  jabón de fregar. Dispensador de hielo.

A coffee machine! 

we have utensils, cookware both stovetop and microwave safe.. 

really we have everything in the kitchen for preparing a meal 

We have everything you need to be able to make any meal


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Breezy Point, MN

coffee pot, assorted pots and pans, all sorts of utensils, toaster, mixing bowls, cutting board, knife block with knives, plenty of plates - bowls - cups, blender, oil or cooking spray, salt and pepper


Hi Sophia,

Some great kitchen essentials are:

-stove, fridge, dishwasher, microwave

-salt and pepper in grinders (not loose salt or baby packets that you get when ordering take out)

-good quality pots and pans


-cooking oil

-knives that are sharpened and not dull

-At least 12 dinner plates, 12 salad plates, 12 bowls 

-at least 12 wine glasses/ water glasses/ coffee mugs

-multiple serving utensils and mini tongs

-coffee maker, toaster, kettle

-sheet pans (good quality ones/ not stained)

-parchment paper/ ziploc bags/saran wrap/tin foil

-multiple cooking tools 

-good quality paper towel + dish towels 

-dish sponge & dish soap

-cutting boards

-dishwasher pods

-glass tupperware


Having these items organized in the kitchen makes cooking a great experience during a guest stay!



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I found adding a Nespresso machine & Aeroccino frother pleased the guests quite a bit. These days you get really good coffee in biodegradable pods; you can charge for them or leave some complimentary.