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    I am a real fan of airbnb as a guest and as a host of two properties but I have found it very difficult to contact airbnb with questions that are not listed on the help centre website. The worst situation was being given a $100 voucher to use with bookin... Latest reply by Maggie44
    Dear Hosts, I'm new and beginner in AirBnB,happy to join all of you here at CC. I'd like to ask you about hospitality concerning cleaning the house and changing the bed sheet and towel. As it will be my first time to have a guest who stay than 4 days (t... Latest reply by Sarah706
    We are new to hosting and put up a cleaning fee for our 2 bedroom granny flat. My husband just came home and said that he was told the cleaning fee shows up on the page as a nightly fee added to the rental fee and so makes the listing look really expensiv... Latest reply by Yongrack0
    This my first winter as an AirBnB host and I live in an area that often gets snow. I'm wondering, how do you handle snow removal while a guest is at your home? I don't actually live in my house while guests stay. Should I go over and shovel within 24... Latest reply by Monica4