Pricing and calendar upgrades are here

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Pricing and calendar upgrades are here


The new pricing and calendar tools we announced in May start rolling out to Hosts worldwide on June 12. 


It’ll take a few weeks for everyone on Airbnb to get them automatically, but you don’t have to wait. You can use these tools now by opting in to Early Access. 


You’ll find the option in the Menu section of your hosting account. Once you switch to the new tools, you won’t be able to go back to using the old ones, which will soon be obsolete.


Learn more about the new tools on the Resource Center.


Have you opted in already? Share your favourite new feature in the comments below.

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Burbank, CA

This update appears to have broken a few things.
Google calendar syncing now has the Google calendar out date one day shorter than it actually is.
Also, the setting to block one night before and after a booking is being ignored. I am now getting bookings on the next after a booking ends. 
Both of these bugs showed up after starting this new release.

Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hi @Terence55, thank you for your feedback! I've passed this on to the team. 



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England, United Kingdom

It seems it’s not possible to set minimum nights now from the calendar view,…. nightmare!!!

roll back quickly please until resolved.

Hello, since the update I can't access the promotions feature. Was this removed on purpose or is it a glitch? Please advise as soon as possible as this feature is an essential part of my strategy (And I'm sure of many other hosts) for booking gaps in the calendar !!!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Cristina1405,

Custom discounts can be created by opting into Airbnb’s Professional Hosting tools and using the “rule-sets” feature. 

Do keep us posted if it works for you!

I hope this helps!



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Thank you for your response Bhumika, yeah but I'm not talking about the custom discounts in rule sets like for long stay, last minute etc. I'm talking about the custom promotions that use to be done in the calendar, choosing the dates and creating the custom promotion%.  Now my calendar is saying it's only view because I have a property management software. But I used to be able to do it before the upgrade. Let me know if you have more information. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Cristina1405, One of our hosts has just shared this guide in the Community related to: Use Pro Tools to Set Calendar Custom Pricing & Trip Length. Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.


👉Click here to open the guide.



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Kalispell, MT

I received an email today about pricing and discount setting changes coming in August.   I was VERY alarmed by what I read and reached out to Airbnb support who confirmed my suspicion.  The email indicates that I’ll no longer be able to set custom discounts and MORE IMPORTANTLY, I won’t be able  set new custom prices for specific weeks or months.   For someone who manages rentals in an area that is seasonal, this will significantly impact my ability to rent in the off-season.  Nobody is going to pay summer rates during the winter in my area.  


When I asked the Airbnb support person to explain why you guys are making this change, she could not help me and told me she is not able to contact the team that makes platform changes.


This needs to be reconsidered.   I can’t see how this helps anyone.  

As a first year host in our area (Coeur D'Alene) we are hopping with summer visits.  When does it slow down (October?) and is there a winter "hot time"?  We were considering closing shop in the winters here.  Thoughts?

@Michael7592 What would be considered good winter rates for Coeur DAlene and Sandpoint Areas?  We are new in the list for this winter season and hope to be booking soon for November-March.  But surprisingly nobody has booked yet??  We have an 8 sleeper house at the base of the mountain close to downtown too.  Any tips would help!  Also, should we get ski racks for the garage?  Allow our garage to be used by guests? 

Hi, the app is poor for responding to these inquiry's!  Sorry for the delayed reply.  I have to use a PC and I've been away from home on business.  Anyway to answer your questions: 

1. Our bookings seem to come almost last minute.  3-7 days before a date someone books.  Most folks are booking on the weekends (no surprise). 

2. Customer service is paramount.  Leave little guest comfort items.  People really like that.  We provide coffee for our guests.  Also we treat people like they are extended family and have even let them borrow our truck.  That said its on a case by case basis.... Some younger groups have been issues and have damaged or left messes behind.  

3. We put in a separate driveway for our guests.  I'd allow use of your garage on a case by case basis.  Learn your client first.  95% of all our guests I'd feel fine allowing that but there were several groups of people that we were glad they left.

4. Creature comfort, what image and what type of clients do you want?  If you want skiiers, then yes get the ski racks.  Good reviews are paramount.  They earn you more business.

5.  We are closing for the winter, spring to fall only for us but you did give me some good ideas about opening up Jan-March.  Hmmm.... maybe! 

Good luck! 

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Sofia, Bulgaria

The new pricing tool is good