Superhost status updates: a quick note

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Community Manager
Galashiels, United Kingdom

Superhost status updates: a quick note

photo.pngHi everyone!


We know you’re eagerly awaiting the July Superhost assessment and we wanted to share a quick update with you.


Because there’s a July 4th holiday, the update is going to be a day later than usual, with Hosts being notified of their status on July 6th instead.


Hopefully the change won’t cause any concern for anyone, but as always, please drop us a PM if you’ve any questions.

Take care,


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Atlanta, GA

CS refused to remove a review that myself and other hosts felt violated the relevance section of the policy, thus I lost my superhost status. Also, why is it lost on ALL of my listings instead of just the one affected by the review? CS via messages is very rude and has now made me to afraid to get help for anything because Ive been targeted to be scrutinized for removal. 


As a fellow Superhots, we´re having the same issue on a review where everything was rated 5, except value was a solid 3, despite guest being super positive in the text + upon providing the additional baby equipment, which we bought especially for them + accommodating a late check-out -> as a rather new (to airbnb) listing, this ruined our overall rating.


Upon requesting removal of the review on the basis of not being relevant, CS responded with "we have our internal notes that cannot be shared but after reviewing the review it can not be removed". 

We haven´t had this experience in the past, but airbnb CS has gotten really bad lately ... maybe only for hosts?

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Hove, United Kingdom


@Stephanie  @Catherine-Powell  @Emilie 


Hi Guys, 


As the superhost notification just came through I thought I chuck a plea into this thread although I have mentioned this on another thread:


Since the update in May, guests don’t see my Superhost badge on the page of listings results when a search is performed. Having raised this with customer service (when the update was implemented) this is because I have a “Rare find” tag on my listings and this takes priority over “Superhost”.


Guests don’t know this quirk of the platform and when they see a listing tagged with “Superhost” next to mine without the tag they will naturally assume that I am not a superhost.  Really the platform design does not make sense here.


Can i suggest these alternatives:

1. Show both.

2. Prioritise “Superhost” rather than “Rare find”.  Surely it is more important to guests than the fact that the listing is frequently booked.

3. Give hosts the option of which they would rather display on their listings.

4. Give guests the option of which they would rather see displayed.

4. Create a tag with “Superhost/rare find”.

5. Get rid of “Rare find” altogether if both can’t be displayed.


Any of these options would I think be more appropriate that the current design.


Many thanks in advance for your help,




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Nairobi, Kenya



I got the super host notification but my listings are not showing the super host tag in search results. Which is a bummer as that’s the highlight of being a super host. Please help. Thanks. @Jenny 

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Pooler, GA

What we are actually eagerly awaiting, is for airbnb management to get their heads out of their rear ends and revert the system back several weeks, so we can all start getting bookings again.... hello is anyone out there?

I have to agree a lot of chatter a lot of noise to much talk

but nothing I don't see any changes definitely this is 

not the airbnb I sign into 0 bookings nothing nada 

and Mr. chesky not a pip from him not a word did he 

leave the planet?

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Polson, MT

Right?!?  "Superhost" doesn't mean squat if we're not getting any bookings.  

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Kaleden, Canada

Thank you. I am anxiously awaiting too. Wasn’t expecting anything until July 6th anyway.  I’m just hoping to be able to use this one after 3 years of being unable to travel and donating my last one to a Kiev Ukraine Airbnb.
My issue is the Airbnb we are wanting in January has a 48 hour cancellation so I can’t book until the Superhost status has been earned. I wrote and explained that to her and that I would hope her place would still be available in January.  Unfortunately I just checked and it’s fully booked now. So sad but won’t even look for another place  now until July 6 when I know the review should be posted.  Will likely have to shorten our trip as the prices on available ones are much higher.
I wish Airbnb would let you book, then apply the credit when it is earned. 👍I’m told that can’t be done so I wait and risk sadly losing the accommodations. 

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Missoula, MT

That actually does not make sense because July 1 is Friday. The data is in by June 30th at midnight. 
nobody else handles a holiday after rather than before. 

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Orono, ME

@Kristi1581 Just because the assessment period ends on June 30th, doesn't mean that reviews from stays prior to June 30th can still trickle in. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Galashiels, United Kingdom

Hi @Kristi1581 


Thanks for your reply.

The assessment is done over a five day period, beginning on July 1st, which is why the holiday in the middle would push it back, you can read more about how it works here.

Hope you get a another positive result on your Superhost status once the assessment is done!




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