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Minden, Canada


Guest info  


Wanting to post pictures with this heading   but cant find the edit on these items  


thanks  Leslee 




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Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Leslee18 ,


Were you able to add the guest info section to your listing?

Do let us know if you are still looking for help!


Meanwhile, I am tagging one of our members @Joelle43, if she has any tips or suggestions regarding adding pictures and editing guest info for your listing.



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no I see some have the ability to put a picture also 



Hello @Leslee18 


I understand that you wish to add a photo but am unsure of where and what  type of photo you would like your guests to see. I have looked on my listing and I have a title "info for guests" before booking and after booking but can't see where I could add a photo here so figure this isn't where you mean.


It's not by any chance the guest handbook?


If you can send a screenshot or more detailed information of what you see on other listings this would help.  Some hosts have opted in for the early release of the summer edition so maybe there has been an added feature.  I haven't done it yet.