How to change the listing Admin

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Panajachel, Guatemala

How to change the listing Admin

Hello, I want to change the listing admin, without disturbing the properties or bookings already in the account. What is the procedure?  Thank you.

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Arizona, United States

How does this work in my scenario? I am the listing admin as I made the account for the homeowner.  As his property manager, I listed as admin because he did not want his name listed on the listing.  Now in order to receive payment he has to put his payout info on my personal page?!  If we ever part ways, he loses his whole account?! That makes no sense to me and we both would like for admin to just be transferred back to him.  

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Summit, NJ

Thank you @Chris489 .  This info is really helpful.  My biggest concern was the the tax implications, so I'm glad that is not an issue.  Now, if the reviews could be sorted out that would really solve all of my issues with being the Admin.  Thanks again.

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New Jersey, United States

I am ALSO in need of this.

I had my girlfriend make the listing, who does managerial for me, but it is my property.


I thought making myself the primary co-host would do it, but it still says “This is Alexa’s place,  Ryan helps host”, when the actuality of the situation is opposite.


Why can’t the Primary Host functionality replace the Listing Admin? It’d then make the listing transferable, which OBVIOUSLY (see 5 pages of this thread and counting) has plenty of necessity.


Please, Airbnb, hire tech to figure this out!?

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Guildford, United Kingdom

Hi Everyone,


I called Airbnb and they DO NOT have the functionality to change the Listing Admin. The only way is for you to deactivate the listing and the person who you want to be the Listing admin to create an exact copy of the listing under their own profile (It will be a brand new listing with no reviews). 

The reason for this is that the reviews for each listing are saved not to the listing but to your profile and hence, there is no way for the reviews to be transferred over to another profile.



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Cape Town, South Africa

This is simply silly but also create a very difficult legal position. My cohost (primary) reviews travelers but her (written) review shows up under my name and are forever associated with me, without me having even read it.


Surely a property should belong to the admin, but the host involved in the booking should do (and be named in) the review?


i also don’t want my cohost to own the listing as should I ever want to change it, I will lose the listing.


AirB&B pls think through this. Properties should belong to an admin, admins should be able to move a property to another admin.


Reviews should be done in the primary host’s name.


Reviews should be split between the property and the host and attached to each. 

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London, United Kingdom

Same here!

Impossible to believe they not aware of this problem and yet don't do anything about it when it would be so easily done.

What is this company ?

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Bakersfield, CA

Still no fix?  Airbnb?  Bueller? Bueller?...

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Argostolion, Greece

More than 3 years and the problem still exists. That too bad for such a great company. It has to be fixed! You can grey out the reviews or just do something and a new admin can take over. There so many people asking this and I think it's Vital!

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Santa Cruz, CA

HI All - I'm relatively new to airbnb hosting but this issue just came up with me. I am really hoping to become the listing admin for the house that I own. The current listing admin has asked to transfer roles and we do not want to look the current bookings and past reviews - this should be possible! Plus, I need the payout information to pay the taxes, etc. and cannot see it as a co-host. Please AirBnB help! 

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Vienna, Austria

Hello everyone,


I'm just facing the same isssue. In short, I want to change the admin for over 30 listings. I also want to avoid the annoying work of delisting, calendar blocking, losing over 4000 reviews etc. 


Like someone stated before, there is only one easy solution right now. Changing the Email, Name, Payout, verified ID. These options are viable to change and I don't see a problem with that. The original Admin ID stays the same, just different variables. 


So if you have access to the Admin Account of the listing, you can just take over this Account. Why would Airbnb leave these options open to change if they don't want too? As it seems, only the birthday is blocked to change.


PS: To be save I will contact Airbnb regarding this matter. What if the Admin dies, legally uncapable of continuing? 


The question we all should ask: Is it possible (legally permitted) to take over the Admin ID ?!




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Arizona, United States

And did you find out the answer to this?! It’s 2021 and I’m dealing with this  problem of wanting to change listing admin from myself BACK to the homeowner.

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Biot, France

Same issue here. We are renting just one property as a family, so me, my wife and my two sons are hosts. One of my sons created the listing, so he is the listing admin, while the rest of us are co-hosts, and I am the "primary" host.


No problems sofar - except that I'm unable to see anything about the state and progress of our rental (the URL returns no information: no reviews, no earnings, ...).


All we need is for a way for my son to hand over admin rights to me so I can monitor progress.


Alternatively, make it possible for any co-host (or just the "primary" co-host) to view the progress.

So the original post for this thread was in August 2016.  It's now April 2019 and the problem still exists and it seems as though Airbnb is not willing to make any change on this issue.  I have the same problem, one listing by my partner and one by me and after a very very very frustrating phone call with Airbnb the only advice they could give was to delist and relist again, loosing you history, reviews and any current bookings.  THIS IS A JOKE and a serious flaw in the Airbnb model.

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Rockingham, Australia

It's now nearly 2023 & we still can't transfer Listing Admin to Co Host! I was mortified today when Airbnb Support told me I would need to deactivate account & set it up again under the homeowners name.

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England, United Kingdom

@Wudi3The year is irrelevant as the technology is very simple. Sadly Airbnb doesn't allow it as they claim the ratings apply to the individual and not the property.

This argument may be fair for private rooms in a shared house but makes less sense for whole home listings especially when they are listed by who have thousands of privately run listings in the UK.

Has anyone figured out how to maintain status of listing and change admin and host? We are owners, this was dropped in our lap, and we can't get answers anywhere. Very frustrating and confusing! Please help. (notice we haven't been able to get picture to name right!)

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Portland, OR

*sigh*   I just came across this thread while on hold with SuperHost Customer Service trying to get to the bottom of this very issue. So there's no way to change the Listing Admin and Airbnb doesn't care enough about all the different scenarios in which this would be an important feature to implement (even if it required the current Listing Admin submitting a request, having that request verified by Airbnb, and then Airbnb implementing the change on their end). What a bummer - to say the least. I filed a Feedback Form, but I'm not sure that will get anywhere. Keep pushing for change, fellow hosts!

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Portland, OR

Or Solution B (which would work in my specific scenario) - add a second Listing Admin if they can't change it altogether. Both accounts would be linked to the listing equally. 

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Arizona, United States

This is the first time I have read anything about a second listing admin.  What is this?!  

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Andalusia, Spain

I am new to the community and find everyone’s input really helpful, but I remain utterly confused about what to do! I have been asked by a couple of people in my local area to manage their properties as they are not based in the country. They need someone to set everything up from scratch, i.e their airbnb account, their property listing, I would be working closely with them to agree on all their booking settings, and would be writing up their description, taking photos, managing bookings etc. So full service, then be invited as their co-host. As I understand it if I set them up as listing admin and primary host they would have still full control of their page which is peace of mind for them (and I agree that it should) but I, as the co-host would not benefit from any visibility in the quality of the work I provide.

If I create their listing under my account and this property needs to be handed over to new owner one day I cannot change the listing admin without looking the bookings. 

 Is that correct? 

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Hi @Sonia592


Most co-hosts are experienced hosts themselves, so understand how the Airbnb system works.

As you don't have this experience I would suggest it's worth you investing time in reading the Airbnb  Help Centre and the guides here,  for all the basics around how Airbnb works.


The best approach for your hosts is that the listing is set up in the hosts name. Or else the host would lose all their reviews and ratings if you set the listing up in your name and they decided not to use your services any longer, which would be highly unfair to your clients.


As a co-host you are running a service business offering support to a host, so it is right that Airbnb doesn't offer you visibility. There are lots of ways you can market your business and include links to the hosts who you are supporting so people can see the reviews.

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