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Hello Everyone!  I am researching the pros and cons of Instant Book.  Sofar, I do not have it on because I want to make sure my calendar is free and I am comfortable with a booking.  I like being able to say yes or no with having a guest in my home.  Do you think this might be a disadvantage?  I am wondering if the Instant Book are chosen first?  I hear the penalties if you have to cancel the reservation are very high?  I would love your input please?  Kind Regards,  Eileen

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@Eileen462 Having IB on raises you in the search results so we do this. BUT ours are whole home listings and we can cancel people if their reviews suggest they will be dodgy. For shared home listings I would be amazed if many people have IB on so the search engine issue would be nullified. I also would hope that most shared home guests would want some interaction between themselves and the host prior to booking.

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@Eileen462  I turned it off after getting frustrated with guests failing to read and follow instructions in my listing and I haven't looked back. My property is a whole property listing, but with a home share I'd definitely not have it on. Peace of mind about who is coming to stay in your home is way more important than any amount of money. Kia

@Kia272  thank you!!

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I had it on in the beginning, however recently I turned it off. It hasn't affected my booking in anyway. I definitely prefer the option of accepting or declining a booking. 

I have a similar problem where guests do not read the description and my discounts are usually set for 2 night's or more. 

I don't think that you'll have a problem switching off the instant booking option. 

@Ashleigh117 ... Thank you for your reply Ashleigh.  I do not have the Instant Book on yet.  I think I prefer to say yes or no to a booking because people are coming into my home to stay.  If the home were for rent entirely, I would probably instant book.  Eileen

Hi Eileen -


We host our home in Oaxaca, Mexico.  We don't use instant book. Never have and never will. 


I want to know who will be staying at our home. I want to read their reviews, and get to know them before agreeing for them to rent our home.  There is too much at stake. 


When we get a request, I have a pre-written template that tells them a bit more about the house, and in-turn we ask them detailed questions about their stay in Oaxaca.  One of the questions is, "have you read all of our house rules, and will you abide by them". 


By reading their responses to the questions, we can get a good feeling about a potential guest.   If they don't provide clear answers, or decline to respond, we decline their request to book. 


You have to remember, you are handing someone the keys to YOUR house.  It is not worth having someone who is disrespectful, messy, and not willing to follow your rules stay at your home. 


I suggest turning instant book off. Taking the risk is not worth it in the long run.