Six listings abruptly suspended; no warning, no explanation, no help from Airbnb

Six listings abruptly suspended; no warning, no explanation, no help from Airbnb

I have been a Superhost for 10 years with an average rating of 4.84 stars over 251 reviews. All six of my listings are rated from 4.73 to 4.97 stars. Almost 2 weeks ago (on May 11, 2024) I noticed that all my listings were suspended and the booking calendars were blocked (I tried but can't unblock them manually). I received no communication from Airbnb about this; no warning, and after several attempts to contact Superhost I received a reply that I was suspended for "repeated violations of Airbnb ground rules". I have NEVER been told I violated ANY ground rules. The "listing issues" page for each of my properties says "No issues here!" and the worst review I have received in the last year or two was 4 stars with some suggestions like my knives could be sharper and the gutters could be cleaned. Certainly not grounds for suspension.


I have spent hours on the phone with Superhost and received multiple canned messages congratulating me for being a Superhost, they understand I must be frustrated, and have "escalated" this to a specialized team. Then the thread is closed. I haven't spoken to anyone who can tell me why my listings are suspended or what ground rules I have supposedly violated. One customer support person even said it looks like my properties are listed! I pointed out my booking calendars are closed and offered to send a screenshot but he said I would need to share that with the specialized team. Then I received a new message, possibly from a member of the specialized team, again with congratulatory and apologetic language followed by "I tried to call you but it was unsuccessful. In the event that you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out by calling one of our toll-free numbers..." plus links to Airbnb help articles. Then the case was closed. Who knows what time zone they called from and when? They make one attempt to call, then close your case?!!! And you have to start at the beginning again.


In the message that stated I had multiple violations of Airbnb ground rules, there was an email address to appeal: I drafted an informative email with all the relevant data, listing links, and the details I've shared here. I have sent the appeal email twice now and haven't even received an acknowledgment, case number, nothing. I've seen articles referring to an appeal "form" but have yet to find any form to complete and submit. 


The following is copied from Airbnb's Help Center: 


"What happens if my listing is suspended or removed under ground rules for Hosts?

We require all Hosts to follow our ground rules, which help create comfortable, reliable stays for guests. When violations occur, we aim to first provide information to Hosts about the policy and issue warnings. However, Airbnb may temporarily suspend or remove listings for repeated or severe violations of the ground rules."


I have also read in several places that Airbnb will send you an email that you are being suspended. I received no data from Airbnb, before or during this suspension. It is high season and I'm going on 2 weeks of being invisible to guests searching for properties. This is devastating to me as a property owner and Superhost, and I'm helpless to do anything about it. I still have no idea why my listings are suspended and it seems I'm getting AI replies. Is there a real human that can help me resolve this?


I'm so disappointed by such poor service from Airbnb. Has anybody had a similar experience that was successfully resolved? If so, I'm open to suggestions. Thank you!

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I should add that it's not actually me that is the Superhost with 6 properties listed. I am a co-host on these properties and thought this post would show up under the owner's profile. I was speaking for her ;-). If ANYONE from Airbnb is monitoring this post, I will happily provide the owner's profile information and links to the properties I'm referring to. I'd welcome any help we might get!!

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What's happened to you is actually worse than what happened to me. If alone for the fact that you run 6 listings. In 2015 Airbnb was great but it's been going downhill since. I used to be quite happy just using Airbnb but now I also use Booking and Owners Direct for example. Airbnb is rotten to the core and their management seem to be oblivious to it. They use Artificial Stupidity to run their company and the actual humans that work there do not have the authority to actually do anything meaningful to change the tide. It is an automated system that makes these decisions. If you are a disgruntled guest you can actually hack their system by giving you a 2 star review and some bogus complaint and before you know it your listing is suspended. All your complaints don't reach management so nothing changes. I had someone complaining about the gym not being there. That is correct, there is no gym. I wish we had a gym or even the space to have a gym. They need to put human beings back in charge or one day they will face a brand new competitor that will take over their position. Oh and the most recent complaint was about there being a seagull on the terrace and the wind that resulted in a suspension of a listing that has Superhost status. AS. 

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The answer is to place each property in a separate account - it’s way too risky to have them all under one as any violation will suspend them all and destroy your business. It’s typically that a past guest has complained you have a camera, or entered the property while occupied etc. 

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has the account been unsuspended?