What happened to the unique notification sound of Airbnb?


What happened to the unique notification sound of Airbnb?

Hi folks 👋

The topic here is the new notification sound effect that occurs when a guest writes or when a new booking is triggered.


I'm not sure if this changed due to an iOS update or an Airbnb app update. However, what I've noticed is that the distinctive and attention-grabbing notification sound of Airbnb is no longer present (link to unique Airbnb notification sound effect: https://prodigits.co.uk/content/ringtones/tone/2020/alert/airbnb_bb906f114930880.mp3).
I'm feeling a bit desperate now because I'm constantly missing messages, and I can't respond as quickly as I used to. The new notification sound is hardly noticeable and audible; it's so generic and simplistic, and it sounds the same as all my other apps. 😞


I've tried to resolve this issue, but it seems that Airbnb's app is missing a feature – the ability to add a custom sound effect. I'll attach screenshots: on left, for example, "Reminders," and on right from Airbnb.
In "Reminders," I can change the sound to whatever I prefer, so I can easily identify it as a Reminder and perhaps ignore it for the time being. However, Airbnb's app doesn't offer this option; I can't customize it. Therefore, I have no idea which app the notification sound belongs to. 🤷

Reminders app on the left side; Airbnb's app on the right side:
Left: Reminders; Right: AirbnbLeft: Reminders; Right: Airbnb
⚠️With this new notification sound effect, I encounter three issues:

  1. I have to continually check every notification sound to determine if it's from Airbnb or not.
  2. My response rate decreases, leading to less satisfied guests.
  3. And this situation is incredibly stressful for me, resulting in a poor user experience.


⁉️ Now I'm hopeful that someone else may be experiencing the same issue and perhaps can offer a suitable solution.

Alternatively, perhaps Airbnb, being a forward-thinking company, can introduce a simple feature to allow users to add a custom sound effect. This way, everyone can select their unique sound effect to ensure the best user experience and a high level of guest satisfaction. 🤞

regards, Ben 👋 

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For those who join and support this change request, it is something only Airbnb can change! To achieve this, I would ask you to please provide feedback to Airbnb using this link (provided by
@Paula Airbnb-Admin): 



(I think it is sufficient to simply inform them that you desire the option to select a sound effect for the notifications and include the URL of this thread in your feedback). 🤞 

Thanks and regards

Ben 👋 

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Hi @Joan2709


Thank you for your support. I followed the instructions provided in the YouTube link you shared earlier and created a new ringtone. Additionally, I assigned a custom ringtone to an Airbnb contact, using the old unique Airbnb sound effect.


However, this workaround unfortunately does not apply to notifications received from the Airbnb app. It still plays the new iOS native notification sound, which is a simple generic 'ding'. The workaround that @Bettye6 mentioned and you described likely only works for actual cellular text messages. Since I do not use text messages from Airbnb, relying solely on the app was sufficient for me to maintain a 100% quick response rate.

The only solution would be for Airbnb to implement an option in their next update allowing hosts to choose their preferred notification sound. There is no other professional workaround available.


And this will only happen if everyone affected by this issue sends feedback directly to Airbnb using this link: https://www.airbnb.ca/help/feedback?locale=en&_set_bev_on_new_domain=1700421572_ZWRjZWQ5NWU1MDI1

(It is sufficient to simply inform them that you desire the option to select a sound and include the URL of this thread in your feedback).🤞 

Hi @Ben5101 

Yes...the Garage Band workaround will only work if you have turned ON text sms notifications in your Account with Airbnb. I understand that some Hosts don't want to receive texts from Airbnb (limited data plans, etc.) Hopefully Airbnb will just add the sound back to the App.





Once you setup the custom ringtone, you could test it out by having someone send you an Host inquiry message from your listing and see if it works? 😊




No, it would not add the tone to the actual App (sadly). Only Airbnb can add that back to the App. This is just a work around for now.

Hi Ben. On my iOS everything, chats, new booking, reminder to leave review messages etc. comes through with my same custom ringtone. Every time AirBnB reaches out to me and it's a different number I add that number to my AirBnB contact. I very rarely now get a 'new' number from them so my custom ringtone has worked for me. 

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 Thanks for this very easy-to-follow instruction, @Joan2709!

Unfortunately though, I cannot get it to work for me. I got as far as exporting the sound from Garage Band to my custom ring/text tones, so I can now choose it for specific Contacts. 

BUT: I cannot connect it to Airbnb related texts, as all my Airbnb texts come either from different numbers (new number every time), or hidden number… Yesterday I received an enquiry from AIRBNB - no number visible. Made a Contact from the message, called it ”Airbnb Messages”, and selected the Airbnb text tone for it. Later I received another enquiry. Again from AIRBNB, not from the new contact ”Airbnb Messages”. And no Airbnb sound. 

Do all your Airbnb texts come from the same number, as I saw a phone number in one of your screenshots?








Yay! At least we know it works.


Rats that it's different numbers? Hmmm...good question. I haven't tested that yet? I'll have to go back to past messages. It could be related to the country (I'm US), or could be related to the type of message? So if you get a reminder message from Airbnb it comes from a different number than if a guest messages you, etc?  If it's only a few different numbers, it would still be worth it, but not if the number is random every time! 😠. One thing you can try that I mentioned to Ben is to send a message to yourself using the Contact Host Button on the listing. You might have to use someone else's phone, or use a private/incognito window on your browser. See what number comes up? Scroll down to the bottom of the listing to the right of your profile photo:


The other issue mentioned was Apple changed the default tone for text messages to something very faint. You can change your default tone to something else that stands out, or use the Airbnb tone as the default tone for all text messages, so at least you will hear it? That way no matter what phone number Airbnb uses to send texts you will hear the tone. The down side is every text message will have that tone too.



I'll have to spend some time investigating 🔎

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It is different numbers every time, if there is a number, and they are not remotely similar… In the printscreen I posted, you see that the text messages when Steve first requested to book, and the same day reminder about accepting/declining the request, are from completely different numbers. Same thing when I have messages from guests, or from Airbnb Support. New numbers, or no number. 

You have to wonder: If they no longer want to have that special sound as pre-set/default, how hard can it be to update the app, so we can choose which sound we want? Like we can for calls or texts? Do they WANT our service level and response rates to go down? 

I read an old thread here about an app called Notificon - apparently you could use this app to enable choice of notification sound for any app (incl Airbnb) on Androids. Have not heard of any similar app that does the same for iPhones, though. And why should we need an externally created app to provide a workaround - why can’t Airbnb’s own technicians just fix the app?!? 


I agree!!!! There probably is a third-party app you can buy, but why? Just add the tone back to their App?


Anyhoo...you could change your default tone for ALL texts to the Airbnb tone for now. At least you will hear it for every message no matter what phone number they use to send it. The downside is of course every text message will have the Airbnb tone, but at least you will hear it. Some were complaining the iphone default text tone for all texts was changed to something hard to hear.



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It is REALLY hard to hear...


I was thinking of this workaround:


- Change my default text message tone to the Airbnb sound

- Change the text tone for all of my close contacts to the sound I want to have for all texts EXCEPT the Airbnb related ones 


I don't have that many close contacts who text me regularly, so it should be doable, I thought. 


But soon realized that I get quite many delivery related texts from DHL, Swedish Mail etc, and I get texts from certain stores I often visit, and text from Uber, and from the airline I use the most... And all of these senders have hidden numbers, too, so I cannot make them contacts and choose another sound for them, as I can for my private contacts.


The result of my master plan would likely be that it would sound like I received Airbnb bookings and messages ALL THE TIME, and that would be a bit stressful... 😉

So I'm giving up. But will keep following this thread - and all the other threads on the same subject, both here and in Facebook groups, just in case someone finds a solution.



Well....rats!  At least those that are having trouble hearing the new default text tone can change that to something more noticeable for now. That way they won't miss texts. That said, you'll still need to constantly be checking your phone everytime you get a text to see if it is an Airbnb message...sigh.


We'll keep trying to come up with something. 

@Joan2709  I did the whole process, but Airbnb app has no option to add a custom sound for push notifications. (I don't use text notifications, just email and Airbnb app)

Hi @Branka-and-Silvia0 

There is no way to add the Airbnb tone to the actual App itself...Airbnb needs to add it back to the App since it's their App. This work-around will only function if you enable text alerts in the Notifications Settings of Airbnb on your account.


That said, @Trude0 says she receives text messages from multiple phone numbers when receiving Airbnb messages. I'm still trying to verify if that is the case for every country. If so, this work-around probably won't really be practical, as you would have to add the Airbnb tone to every phone number that Airbnb uses to send you texts (Trude0 says some are even hidden numbers?).


You can always add the Airbnb tone you downloaded as the default tone for ALL texts, but that doesn't seem practical really and won't work unless you add text alerts in your Airbnb notification settings. Sigh. 



This seems like a genius workaround, but I can't figure out how to download the dang file, or save it to Files! Did send them a message, though, seems like it would be a simple enough fix on their end. Thanks for all the advice : )


Hi @Dani10388 


Lots of ways to get an mp3 file to your phone, but here is how I did it:


  1. Email Airbnb tone mp3 file to yourself (copy/paste or attach link to email
  2. Copy paste link from email into Safari Browser on phone
  3. At bottom hit save icon, then scroll down to Save to Files
  4. mp3 file is now in your Files Folder on phone
  5. Follow the YouTube instructions to save as a ringtone on your phone using Garage Band App