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    Hi everyone, Welcome to the "Ask about your listing" board – I hope you’ve been finding lots of useful information, insights and advice from our community. One of the amazing things about this space is that those starting out on their Hosting journey c... Latest reply by Patti120
    Hi.. Iam ** Talalla,Sri Lanka we marked the our location correctly. But it shows another place for our customers. Futhermore when we check our location on your website, it change day by day. So we kindly request consider about this.. Thank you Kind reg... Latest reply by Lisa723
    This seems strange and I can't find help anywhere else. We plan to stay in Carmona, Andalusia in January 2021, however most of the apartments have every date blocked out right through January 2021 to June 2021 and even beyond yet the same apartments have ... Latest reply by Kelly149
    Can someone tell me what is best to do when adding a second listing with the calendar? Will the calendar i have now show both listings or is it best to start a new host with a new listing? Or export calendar? Latest reply by Lisa723