Co-host in Budapest

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Co-host in Budapest

Hello, we are looking for a co-host in Budapest for about 2-3 apartments for myself and our friends.  We would like someone who can work together with all of our places together as a group. They are all in district 5  (or close to).  We have been doing short term holiday rentals on this platform and many other sites for about 10 years so we are very experienced hosts. We do not live in Budapest full time but we go back and forth.   We would like someone reliable and experienced in Budapest to help with welcoming and checking out the guests, cleaning and changing linens, arranging transportation, fixing or replacing damages, making sure the apartments are stocked with the basics (soap, toilet paper, coffee ) etc.  Please contact me here or email at *sensitive information hidden*

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Is there not a local host group for hosts in Budapest?


If so, I would post there and ask for recommendations from hosts who are using the services of other local hosts or management companies. @Yvonne158 


I'm looking for a co-host to manage 4 apartments in Budapest.

Send me a message if you're interested!