Getting Paid - Payout issues

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Durban, South Africa

Getting Paid - Payout issues

Airbnb has not paid us for almost 2 months. They owe us over R33 000.00 (South African Rand)!!! We have called multiple times and message them constantly, they are just not getting back to us and just don’t seem to care. Our hands are tied.
Does anyone have valuable advice on how to solve this?
Calling them on the number they provide on Airbnb and messaging them on Airbnb is not a solution as we have already tried that.
We added a new payout method, we received a payment in that account and then all of a sudden there was an issue with the payout method. We contacted them, they said we should remove and add the payout method again, which we did. We received an email stating that the payout method has been approved and that they have sent our money…. Then … once again we did not receive our money. When we called them to report, while we were on the phone with them, on the page of our payout settings a notification popped up that there is an issue with the payout method.
We are at the best bank in South Africa and they have confirmed that the issue is not on their side. I have re-submitted our account details 3 times and every time the money is apparently “sent” but we don’t receive anything.
They do not respond to our messages on Airbnb and when we call them they have long sad stories ….
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Hi @Janet1373, sorry to hear you're having issues with payout. It has been raised and the team has asked that you add the payout method to receive the payout. I hope it works this time and this gets resolved 🤞🏽

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Hi @Janet1373 

Many complaints from non-US or Canda hosts about not receiving pymts to their bank accounts all of a sudden.


You may wish to switch to PayPal payments temporarily for now (if you can) until Airbnb resolves this.